What you should know about "The Chewing Gum".

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Chewing gum is very attractive for children, but we must handle certain information about it before allowing our children to consume it.


  • Under no circumstances should you chew gum on an empty stomach. This leads to the release of digestive juices and enzymes, and when they have nothing to digest, they start to irritate the stomach.

  • Chewing constantly (60 minutes a day or more) increases muscle tone, and causes: grinding teeth during sleep; loosening of the joint that connects the upper and lower jaw; and periodontitis (a disease of the tooth root caused by congestion and severe loosening).

  • The gum violates the sting and licorice causes an increase in pressure and potassium deficiency.

  • We must be careful with its components: inflatable rubber oil causes inflammation of the skin around the mouth; Cinnamon can cause inflammation in the oral cavity; glycerin and citric acid change the blood formula; fluoride removes calcium from the body; Lecithin accelerates salivation, which leads to disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Strong and active chewing leads to swallowing of air and abdominal pain.

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