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Well, with the autovoters no longer running at full efficiency 24/7 b/c (and really i shit thee not kimosabe) the curation rewards simply don't warrant the electricity cost of running a pc 24/7 just to cast some steemit votes ... not at my level anyway

the rest is set on maximizing curation rewards, so ... in case anyone complains it will only vote on posts that have been voted on , a bit like that HF-21 crud was telling anyone to 'not use bidbots until you already have enough votes (and then cast a botvote on top at a loss for the steem you pay ....?!?? something like that)
to save the whale and stuff so the top 20 and the acidyos can keep withdrawing (no offense, i would withdraw myself but with what you people have done with the place its simply not worth anything from what im getting)

and so

i was casting some botvotes through @redlambo (which was already more than my vote was worth) on people i kept in my personal autovoters list BUT

given the current climate where wankers like clvr can just come up with 17k sp and wreck a whole year of work the last thing i want is people i wanna support a bit getting "the eye of the wanker-troll" on them so maybe thats not a good idea so that leaves

tokens :)

i can only miss 1 steem a week , im not mother theresa or the global cryptofund but i send something at least once a week, the benefit :

it wont show, there will be no comment, its a steemTOKEN so that's all GOOD ! (!!) b/c bots are BAD ... and stuff like that

it will get something , BUT
if you think it's un-ethical to get something for the money invested, the best part :

whoever gets it can sell it off

ain't that nice

i wont be keeping tabs , i won't do mentions of who gets what, im not interested in friends-for-money

believe you me, i have had ample experience with money-friends ... they tend to last as long as the flaps in the wallet does ... years and years ago, ... but that's not gonna happen again

besides, maybe not everyone wants to be associated with potty-mouth-catling who has weird notions like : i want my fucking money since i paid for it or 'i bought your token and now i expect it to do what you said when you sold it to me'

im nothing but trouble who wont take it up the ass for the team

so ... if you find tokens coming from tyrnannoght ...

keep 'em

sell 'em

frame 'em and put 'em on your wall ... i dont care ...

it wont be much anyway, im not rich and im FAAAAR from even breaking even on what i spent on steem, and lets say, that doesnt count the cost it will take to at least pay for the servers for the game one or two years ...

i doubt steem(it) will get me the funds for that

and such and thus, let it be known that whoever gets one can keep it

its more or less random but im gonna try and check for at least active feeds

i found most people in my lists have stopped posting LONG ago , a lot before but PLENTY after apocalypse 21 made it worth more spending time on a youtube vid to monetize than write a six-page essay here

and thus and then

fyi ...

m hm , yea i thought sbi too, but i did that when the world was young in the steemit-pleistocene and basically other than a few people got mostly drive-by hodlers ... from what i read from drugwarz and stuff just handing them over at random to random people is basically pouring your wallet into the gutter (but they probably used softer words) the income miners im gathering are actually for promo for the game but dispensing those needs a few conditions met like for one : a minimal playable anything on the game that needs a linked or registered account and two : some kind of a way where i dont get people casting one vote on morgan to open an account, linking it, grabbing the token then never sounding off again ... but thats why i wont be giving out income miners at any rate in this once a week thing (theres also the thing where suddenly sbi (one of the longest running projects i believe) was evil (for whatever reason that was) and you can't just hand it over or transfer

a token is just that, ... (i wish i could delegate the income miner tokens, that would make it easier to keep them on for only ppl with active feeds who at least regularly log in to the game when the game is a game thats a game instead of dormant 'miners' on my back hm .. ? something like that ?

yea yea ... well thus and then and so it was

so far other than the neverending votestream for years and the hundred(s) of sbi tokens in the beginning

we have handed one SOL ... people for SOL also have a hand in @updooter btw (which i totally support as well)

the rest remains to be seen, there's so many tokens i cant see the forest through the trees, there's a lot of clearly dump&sell ICO-types, you got MOT with like 20 websites to its name but none of them has content

and then some ... COKE for instance, that lets you in on the incrowd parties in miami ... i think we'll see some commotion around steem-engine sooner or later anyway ...

but there's a few decent and steady ones who seem to deliver

the GG and CCC i keep are for promotion by voting with the games accounts (for the steemit part that is) , i doubt those will pay for servers monthly any time soon anyway

and then and thus

this post was not pushed in your face with PYthoncat ...

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