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Welcome to #SublimeSunday , a tag presenting you with the unique opportunity to post something a bit different, wacky, crazy or just whatever takes your fancy and instigated by me @c0ff33a ☕️

First up though is a #beautifulsunday (hosted by @ace108) photo with a #funkyedit (hosted by @krazypoet) with Saturation to the Max.


A mysterious yellow glowing orb appeared in the sky this weekend, and despite it being freezing cold I was compelled to head out to yet another park after a spot of food shopping.


Proof of cold - actual ice along the footpath. This weeks park is Wellhome Park in Brighouse - I wasn't visiting my Dad this weekend as he is away, but did visit his house to move the post and put his bins in.


All the rain we have had has swelled the little beck through the park considerably.


All the leaves are brown...as the song goes


This park has a good solid path to walk around the grass to avoid getting muddy, and the dogs love running around on the muddy grass bit


The skate park through the trees, we are on the far side of the beck from it - I have already covered the park ramps and graffiti before.


Blue skies, brown trees and happy dogs


View from the next bridge along, because running water is always nice to look at.


It looks much calmer on the opposite side of the bridge some how.


I'm milking the beck a little here, but it's quite photogenic.


This is not a bad photo for me, some lovely colours in the trees and check out the aircraft vapour trial.


Don't let the sun go down on me.....my photos are very musical this week


Back at the bridge I started at already, that was quick


And the climbing ropes in the play park...but wait that's not the end - because on this little trip to the park I also took out the Drone I bought back in July (I know tell me about it) - thanks to being just super busy I did manage to open, charge it and put an SD card in to record video - but never got around to taking it outdoors. But today was the opportunity, clear skies, no wind or rain - perfect to try the drone out.


Now when I say Drone - this is not one of those ludicrously expensive high end devices. In fact you have probably been spam e-mailed about it - Drone X Pro ring a bell? You can read the specs and low down on this entirely biased Drone X Review page - it's cheap and really I just wanted something to mess with and maybe get some half decent pictures and video every now and again.


It does come with it's own carbon fibre effect case, with good internal padding to keep the drone, controller and accessories safe.


The drone itself folds up to make it small and easy to carry, this is of course a copy of a better known manufacturer - but they have done a good job - the arms swing out and hold position perfectly.


Folded out, it now resembles a Drone as you would imagine.


On the underside you can see the Camera, SD Card poking out of it's slot (the SD Card is to buy separately) and at the back the battery pack pushes in and out. The Camera moves position as you can tell from it's slot, when I received it the camera was pointing down. I assumed it would move about with the device or you could control it - wrong. It's a manual position you can push adjust it from down to horizontal and grades in between. Because of this error all my test flights today were of the park grass lol.


Power it up and you get two led front lights, the connection indicator arrows along the top.


And at the back a red led strip so you can see it disappearing into the night.


Controlling it you have the pictured bundled handset, but it also has it's own on board WiFi connection you can connect your mobile phone to, and then running the app for the device you can view the video feed from it - and yes that is me in the kitchen lol.


Connected with the phone app, you can overlay the video with the controls - and totally fly the drone without even using the handset if you wish. The up arrow on the left instigates the drone self lift off - this is actually really awesome because when you press it the drone takes off under it's own control - reaches a stable hovering height and waits for you to totally muck everything up by moving the control sticks. Left stick sends the drone forward when pushed up, backward when pulled down, rotates left or right with respective stick movement. Right stick increases height when you push forward, reduces height when you pull back. Banks left or right when you push left or right.

The down arrow bottom right is your best friend though - press this and the drone goes into automatic landing mode - stabilises it's current position and makes a controlled landing. This is perfect, because once you get it up in the air and start getting it moving somewhere inevitably you get confused - start sending it somewhere you don't want it to be and need to bail out - this is the bail out button press it and the drone pretty much stops dead in the air and then lands.


A big bonus is it comes with these clip on blade defenders, so if you are hopeless like me and fly it against something solid the blades have some protection instead of smashing instantly. You do get spare blades in the pack, and they are widely available to buy if you look in the right places - so it should be a relatively long lived toy.


The not exactly stellar video had to be considerably reduced for the gif above, visit this link for a bigger gif file having mostly mastered some of the movement - this run it pulled left even more then previous times and by the time I had hit the land button it had already drifted to the edge of a tree - a quick bounce off the branches it still managed to land safely unscathed.

If you have a burning desire to see various videos of park grass I turned my test runs into gifs, but they are too big to embed so you have to visit Drone Gif 1, Drone Gif 2, Drone Gif 3, Drone Gif 4 and finally Drone Gif 5

Once I master controlling it, hopefully I will get a decent length video for @dtube of some nice scenery. That is weather and location pending, I'm going to keep the drone handy in my car charged and ready to run - really it is so tiny and compact it's ideal for some off the cuff view footage - if I can find somewhere with wide open space!

Overall it's a fun toy, the video footage is pretty poor quality - it claims 720p and maybe if I keep the lens clean and master smooth steady movement of it could be reasonable - but you get what you pay for and it is really cheap. The battery is claimed to do about 15 minutes of solid fly time, I managed around 8 runs of a few minutes so that feels about right. you can get extra batteries, but it is super easy to charge remove the battery pack, plug in the micro usb cable provided with it - a red light comes on and when it is out the battery is charged again. Charge time is around 1 hour using any standard usb charger.

Anyway, I had fun with my toy, I might do a full review post if I get around to it - and hopefully can produce some half decent video for @dtube.


And a #funkyedit to close, next to a park lake with my boy.

Don't forget to power up your steem for #SPUD #SPUD8 - I'm going to be powering some up now I have finished this post!

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crazy and fun with nature around beautiful views to look at and enjoy now time for some drone shots soon :D

@tipu Curate

HA! And this time you beat me, dear lady! 😂 🤗

Sorry! :)

LOL! No worries, dear lady. I just thought it was wicked funny, considering... 😊

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Me too! LOL

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nice. I've been wanting to get a drone but the regulations about flying here is quite prohibitive. I have to invest in a laptop for now.

You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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Supersweet man! Been wanting to pick up a drone for fun but have no clue about what to get. Glad you having fun and look forward to seeing some videos😎

What an awesome post! Loved the park photos. What a toy! That's a nice looking drone. ^_^

I'm glad someone is in a sublimesunday mood.

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Nice park photos with sunset photography.

I bought a drone for my hubby and since then he's been playing with it..
He's so good at it that one of my clients actually got him to take a couple of scenic shots of their resort in Malaysia.

Beautiful view..thanks for share your memories

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Where can I find the way back?
How can I disable the proxy again?
I'm sorry to bother you with something that stupid.

Have fun playing with your new toy!Thanks for the explanation of how your drone works. I've never been around one.

Howdy sir c0ff33a! Wonderful scenic photos sir even though it was frigid temperatures out, but that makes for fantastic conditions for a fast hike! Love the drone idea too, I'm sure that endeavor will improve with practice.