I did a whatsapp survey on people's view on raggae infused in the christian society and here are the feedback:

Mr Alegbe responded by writing that Reggae is a genre of music that originated in Jamaica.
And from my point of view most reggae music where composed from that region, bcos this are people who predominantly Rastafarian but along the line when got saved they convert most of their songs reggae gospel music.
So when one is opportune to visit sure region that is der way of worshipping n serving God in Praises. So if we here infuse it in our own style of worship is not a bad idea provided the name of God is praised and not just for singing sake.

Mr Samuel in his own view submitted that Reggae is the traditional music of the afro Americans.
Just like Juju, highlife, Fuji is peculiar to the Yoruba's.
It s the beat that makes it reggae, not the lyrics of the music.
Same way it's the beat that makes it Fuji, juju, highlife.
So, to the church, the kind of beat we adapt to depends on the style of the church choir particularly, choirmaster.
If I were a CM, my style would be highlife and reggae, cos that's the music I'm used to.

According to Prince Jossy Reggae is a style of music as hip hop,juju, Fuji, rhythm and blues are styles.
Many nation has there our style of music.....
That our fore fathers sings Fuji doesn't mean we can sing it as a Christian. Just imagine I'm from Fuji family, as a Christian what I need to do is to turn my it Christ way yo bring people to Christ. Likewise Juju,reggae, hip hop.
Reggae is a style of music, most past and present American Gospel artists play Reggae, hip hop, blends and blues. Like kirk Franklin.
And in Nigeria Mike Abdul. Christianity Is a way of life. Music is a way of life. Most time if you are lost and you are a reggae beat lover, if you listen to reggae music in from Christian artist you feel relief.
So my dear brother and sister.
Raggae is one of the best sound and mother to many other sounds/genre of music.

This is a survey, you can also drop your view at the comment section. Thanks

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I was a bit skeptical about reggae in church for a while. That might have been attributed to the fact that our churches adopted the European version of what is holy and fitting for worship. Moreover, as a Jamaican I grow hearing reggae only in secular forums so by association I put that off as a ting of the world. However, moving to another country I developed a greater appreciation for the art form that is reggae. My only bone of contention is with Christian artiste who use the same beats made popular in the dancehall and change the lyrics. Be original so that people associate your song with your message not the one made popular by a big dancehall or reggae artiste .

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Some Reggae songs are more aligned with the Christian faith than others. As long as they aren't promoting greed, envy, disrespect, hatred, lust, violence or some other sin, they are a pass.

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Well I think Christianity is a message and each artiste has their own style of delivering a message. Th beat, the rhythm don’t really matter. Their is a lot of Christian messages in reggae music and also a lot of ego driven messages as well. Many reggae songs carry the message of Christianity for example the song you wanted to review is a remake of an old bible song. So I feel Reggae as an instrument is a good platform for transmitting the message of Christianity, maybe even better than the church. But I think spirituality is the message the true essence of roots reggae, not necessarily tied to any religion.

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