📷TAKE A PIC by @olivia08 - ROUND #19 THEME SOMETHING RED📷 : 💞My Gandson's 8th Birthday💞

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Hello! A Blessed Day to everyone! Here is my entry for this week's theme:

adrian my apo 7th bday.jpg
Adrian with hearts.jpg

  • Life moves by quickly, but from the start of life to the end there are a special days where you celebrate the day of your birth. My grandson, Adrian celebrated his birthday last week. He was born on a Love Month that is why the Mall has hearts decorations in preparation for Valentine's Day.

Thanks for dropping by @diosarich

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Belated happy bday to your apo dear @disarich.
Thank for your support.

Thanks, sis @olivia08. He really is a big boy now. He gets mad when I call him KID. He told me that he is already an ADULT...hahaha.. pasaway!

Belated happy birthday to your apo sis! Humot jud Ang apo para sa mga apuhan. Cheers!

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Thanks, sis @sarimanok. Humot gyud. makulit na masyado. He loves it when someone said that he is already an ADULT. hahaha ... as if he knows what an adult be like. Super kulit!