Sunday Reggaeton dance

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Dear dance lovers

We love dancing so if you do, share your Reggaeton dance video here as a comment and you will receive 3,000,000 Dance tokens (DT).

Let's dance and have fun!

You can also share your Reggaeton dance video on
Please mention your Steemit username and this post.

Feel free to take part in and

How to exchange dance tokens for STEEM,

The prize pool for Dance contest week 126 is 100,000,000 Dance tokens (DT)

A new community for dance and music lovers,

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Your posts are all the same and have nothing to do with sport. You're using the platform to advertise your social media group and offering upvotes

Official warning! Stop spamming unless you want your account banned on Sportstalk.

Please read the Community Guidelines

  ·  last year (edited)

That's fine. I'll stop posting. I don't see a lot of talent here. People speak a lot of s**t and don't practise any sports.

You've been warned!

That's fine! I've just unstaked 600183.234 SPORTS. I will no longer use #sportstalk.

Thank you for sharing this dance video!
You have received 3,000,000 DT.

heya, was unaware there was a beef between ya'll guys and the powers that be, isn't my biz so anyhow.....
you are more than welcomed to use Sportsball tag, doesn't show up I don't think if not main or in top 3-5? not sure but seeing SE is down may as well have some fun
Hope everyone left without bad feelings, ya' know it's a crazy wild west but for what it matters I like a lot of things so........

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