New token released - Living Abroad - Only 1000 units available

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Dear musicians dancer and entertainers

There is a new token and only 1000 units are available.

Please leave a comment along with your music, dance or fitness video and you will receive 0.001 LA. You can exchange LA for STEEM on

Share your video and not somebody else's video.

Thank you for reading!

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Epa My people!
They tell us about sharing a video about music, dancing or exercises ... I will share your own about a StreetBall game ... enjoy watching how my team and I won the game ... greetings ...

You got it right. You have received 0.002 LA instead of 0.001 because you have shared your own video.

Greetings dear friends! @dancers

Hugs to all, in good time, I share with you this song from one of my favorite DJs , so it is for my pleasure to pay this tribute to him! Greetings!


Thank you for sharing!
You have received 0.001 LA.

También es uno de mis djs favorito ... buena música fabrica ese man ... saludos ...

Oye @crisangel ese productor musical murió . . . Lamentable su perdida.

Uy que mal, no sabia que había muerto ...

Si brot!! Yo amo la música de Avicci

Greetings dear and dear friends!

I share with you this beautiful theme of Mersedes Sosa, Water, Fire, Earth and Wind

You've just received 0.001 LA.

Congratulations for this new launch, and for continuing to bet on the growth of our platform!
Here I share this song with you, it's one of my favorites, to exercise, clean our house and even to make us happy on a bad day! Have a nice day and many successes!

You have received 0.001 LA.

Hello friends! I'm joining the party too!

  • Sia!!!

You have received 0.001 LA.

Heres an old song of mine with a lot of different dances

Have fun!

My entry

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Ini adalah post kontes saya

This account seems to be connected to the other accounts that shared a video at the same time.
Also the video should be yours.

Joget lucu, spesial untuk anda tuan..

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You have received 0.002 LA for sharing your own video.

Thanks you sirr