"Poor is he who has no friends

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"Poor is he who has no friends!"

In 1989
Government High School on the bankruptcy wall
This golden saying of Hazrat Ali Karamullah was read.

Didn't understand that
For the past 24 years
In some cases
I can see this great view being embodied

Of my life
All the beauties
Allah is the religion of Ujjal
And my friends are crying -

Yesterday when the companions
It was reported that
Because of a compulsion I made
If you've sold your ride
The prayers and loyalties of countless friends
Surrounded me, Praise be to Allah!

Friends who
Say prayers
The blessings of their prayers
Some friends
According to your own ability
Offer Loyalties .

Brother Shabbir Pappu Sahib
Offered its only 125 bikes
And expressed invaluable emotions.

Brother Tariq Iqbal Khan sir
Submit your plots
And presented all his accumulated capital.

Brother Chaudhry Kamran Bakht Sahib
I can't arrange my own ride,
till then
Offered to use your car .

Brother Haji Ikramullah Khan also
Your beloved car
Brother Chaudhry Kamran presented as Bakht.

Mohammad Shakar Khan Alaul Khel
Honda Deluxe 125 introduced -

Mother-in-law, Allah Khan Gold Khel
Offered Rs.5 lakhs

Believe it!

Hazrat Ali Karamullah reason
According to this great idea
by that time
I am the richest person in the world because
Lord Almighty
Like you
Proved by countless friends .

Allah love
To all of you
With your loved ones
In the religion and the world
Keep your head up, Amen.

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