被遺忘的老地方 A long forgotten place

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Tell me, what do you feel when you see this kind of setup in a restaurant! Don't get confused by those new restaurant that mimicking old school look, this is one of the oldest restaurant, even my father grandfather ate here.

環境 Environment

Compare to 30 years ago, things has really changed a little. This used to be only street lights, and we can barely see what is in the plate, could have eaten any creature that goes into the dinning plate. Now, they even setup lights, so we can eat with confident.

菜單 Menu

Menu is somewhat "new" to me, because we never use a menu back in the old days. The waiter will come and brief what do they have and what's best for the day. Usually, BBQ pork only available in Thursday and Saturday. That however, not available despite we went there on Thursday because Friday is Lunar New Year eve, ran out of pig. Price range are slightly expensive but where to find cheap stuff nowadays?! Especially these kind of old shops had gained much fame, it's not their decision to keep the cost low in operation anymore.

揚州炒飯 YangZhou Fried Rice

Ipoh is a significant eating paradise, due to it's heavily mixed cultural difference compare to any other state in the country. Even this fried rice, look different and taste different. There's no decoration. Meat, prawn, long beans, egg, chunk of fried fish, and the rice itself is those really cheap rice that hasn't gone through other process. Looks hideous but you can really smell the real rice fragrant from it. Junior approved it.

伊府雲吞 YiFu dumpling

I have no idea how this become YiFu, but it's form of fried dumpling in vegetable soup. The fried dumpling has a very crunchy crust, but once it's soaked into the soup, it become very spongy. The vegetable soup consist of spinach, carrot, some fresh meat and prawn make it taste very savory and if you're here to stuff yourself up get some white rice, dump it into the soup and eat it, it will blow your mind!

On a closer look, there's fish paste being put together to cook the soup. No wonder it tasted so nice. Trust me, if I don't tell you there's fish inside, you probably never know. It's not the fishy pungent smell.

鴻圖面 HongTho Noodle

This is the specialty, where they made the broth very thick. Egg being added to the broth with vinegar, chopped with mushroom slices, whole grain noodle, fresh meat, shrimp and fish paste, this really bring back a lot of old days memory. Why do they make it this way? It's because the Chinese likes to eat shark fin soup. And we all know that shark fin has absolutely no taste and no nutrition value other than very little amount of calcium to it(shark fin is bones, what do you expect), and it's so expensive to consume shark fin, so we decided to use the similar ingredient to make up a bowl of shark fin soup without shark fin, and replaced the fins with noodle, and everybody deserved to enjoy old taste in a healthier and environment friendly manner.

月光河 Moonlight flat noodle

This, remember it called YuetGwongHor(romanized cantonese), meaning moonlight flat noodle. It's not available in the menu. Menu has an egg gravy flat noodle, and you wouldn't wanna end up eating every tom dick and harry ordering the same kind of food. This is more of an old style cooking, where the flat noodle being fried until very dry, and finally add a raw egg on top to grease the noodle. It's a must try, but if raw egg bothers you, give that portion to someone else and you eat the dry flat noodle will do.

燜伊麵 Simmer noodle

This is somewhat disappointed. The taste is alright, but feels a little too healthy. One wouldn't wanna "taste" healthy when eating out at this kind of old school restaurant. It's not salty enough, I will have to manually add more soy sauce to make it taste better. Nevertheless, it still has the basic amount of ingredient to make it taste good, other than not being heavy enough for my kind to taste bud.

清單 Settle the bill

Sorry I don't have a photograph of the bill, even if I show you, you wouldn't be able to understand what it said. For 7 person, bill came 93 bucks. Not exactly cheap, but the price is rather friendly since the shop has totally turned into one of the hottest tourist place! The restaurant operator are friendly enough, when I inform them the simmer noodle is tasteless, he even offer me to exchange another one(but ofcourse I didn't take it). Next time when you come to this place, don't forget to check this restaurant out.

Restaurant Information

鴻圖酒樓 Hoong Tho Restaurant
20, Jalan Bandar Timah, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia

被遺忘的老地方 A long forgotten place
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描述精细... 读完好似每种食物我都尝到了似的...😅

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You ate this all?
The old days aren't so bad. I always had doubts about the food the waiter adviced.
Some restaurants here still work that way.

Eating in the dark is popular again. A colleague of my eldest works in a restaurant run by blind and nearly blind cooks and waiters. If you want to eat there you sit in the dark.

Happy New Year, did you clean the place? Let's see what good things the rat brings us.

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