How to NOT eat the tourist food to taste the local food

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As title suggested, and the cover photo is the main cross junction of the cultural street of Jonker Walk at Malacca of Malaysia. And what was the most significant local dish that everybody talks about in Malaysia? That's correct, it's the cendol(coconut milk with pandanus noodle dessert in caramelized coconut), and the chicken rice ball. Wait what? Chicken rice we know. Dragon ball we also know, but chicken rice ball?! WTF(I mean where's the food?)

Source from Asian Airlines

Well, basically it's more of a tradition than it's really something special. Some said they roll the rice into spherical shape for easy carry for the sailors back in the days, some said it's helps to keep the rice warm after being squeeze and rubbed into golf ball shape and size. I will leave that part for you to explore, and to tell you frankly when I consume these rice ball, the only thing in my mind is the person whom roll these rice ball, do they really wear glove and or wash their hands? I will leave that to your imagination. Ok, enough of that distracting introduction. If you're to visit these chicken rice ball shop, there are a few in the famous cultural Jonker Street, and there's one of the most famous at the lower right corner of the cover photo, which I'm not going to introduce. The last I had them was like 10 year ago, that took me 30 minutes to wait for a place to sit, and now probably 2 hours of waiting time to get in line.

This is the actual deal! The real local' local food, where the local people consume their food here! It's about 500 meters from the Jonkey walk, so it's walking distance. I don't wanna spent too much time to introduce, but let the photo do the talking for you.

They eat Chinese food just like any other places around in Malaysia. As we all know, Chinese have different dialects, but we all share one common language, and each Chinese usually speaks more than one dialect, to me ordering food is not a problem at all. And like every Malaysian, we can speak English generally, and it's your job to find out how broken the language are. Here's my roast pork and egg noodle. Taste marvelously good, just like those Cantonese operator back in Kuala Lumpur. Pork skin is very crunchy, and the flesh is very tender with much seasoning on them. Seriously love it.

And ex-girlfriend a.k.a LazyMom decided to go back to her comfort zone, food that we local usually eat, pork noodle. Note that there is slices of lard on top of the noodle. The soup taste super old school, but the hawker owner face looks not any older than 40s. It's really surprising the actual recipe being pass through generation. And one thing to take note their price is not anywhere cheaper than Kuala Lumpur, but you have to understand the entire Malacca is a tourist center. Food prices anywhere around this vicinity is jacked up, so this place consider very acceptable for me, and I believe that's why the local like to come here for their meal.

Why do I like this shop? Because ti's out of the tourist fire zone, hence the shop prices weren't as high. Shop houses are taller, bigger and roomier. Take a look at the ceiling and you'll see how airy this place is. Looking at the face of the occupant, do they look like tourists to you? Matter of fact, one of the hawker operator asked me whether am I lost and told me the tourist spot is 15 minutes walk from there. LOL. But ofcourse, I told them I came for affordable local food that the real local locale would eat.

Finally, came the Chicken Chop rice set for the big girl. She has a thing with Japanese food, Chicken Katsu Don, but this is local stuff. So I get the shop to make a fried chicken chop, pump it up with some salad, put a fried egg there and call it a day.

Another extra information, which I think you should know. This place is right opposite of the river cruise jetty. So, if you're already here, keep a lookout on the opposite side, or ask around. Don't miss a chance to take a boat ride on the famous Malacca river.

Restaurant Information

Lock Ten Food
MY Melaka, No 2, Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/1, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia

How to NOT eat the tourist food to taste the local food
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lovely food, and thank

Thanks buddy

I wonder what you eat/ home. Looks like a nice place. I avoid tourists so you will not find me at those places. 💕

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I had that noodle with roast pork 🤣 which explain why am I fat.

@davidke20 pork fat will not make fat. Too much noodles might be. I am not a fan of it although it is easy and cheap.

I don't think you are fat. Does it bother you, do you have health issues or?


I'm a short guy. You don't think I'm fat because I know how to hide them 🙄 my body had some problem since early 2010s. Right kidney is failing and the left may just follow if I leave the right one completely dysfucntion. The rest a generally blood pressure, blood sugar and the only thing low is, salary 😐

@davidke20 That doesn't sound good. I mean about the kidneys. My organs should be fine according to the specialist who suddenly lost all my blood test results. 🤔
My immune system breaks down everything so if I die I die. That's fine with me but I hope to make it till the youngest are adult and finished school, preferable have a job.

The kidneys run into the family or? (With me it does)

You can work on your bloodpressure with the right food (I keep mine as low as possible) and figure out what food is not hard on your kidneys same with what you drink.

Fat is 600 pounds. Be careful if you lose weight the toxic in fat will be sat free too. You need to drink/pee that out.

With me most things are low except my self esteem 😁

A hug for you ❤️

Generally, kidney disease does have a trace that runs in the family tree. However, my nutritionist told me, the statistics also matches with blood pressure and diabetic. Which stands a chance of lifestyle. So what we short of, is a statistics of lifestyle survey from different family who have high probability of failing organs or urban disease.

Back to the lifestyle topic. My grandparents has 13 kids, my dad being the 10th amongst his siblings. His first 5 bros has almost identical diabetic style diseases and the rest of them has high blood sugar and body fat. What do they eat since it's war, my grandma cooked a pot of white rice, before the rice fully cooked, she pour lard and chunks of pig belly fat on to the rice. Minutes before they start to serve dinner, cracked 13 eggs into the huge rice pot, and split them into 13 portion 😂

Now, the first five kids who grow up in the 40s are diabetic, but they're not fat at all. It simply means their body is on burning mode, considering they are doing labour intensive job, but the excessive number of calories in the body may just over stressed the pancreas.

And the following kids are generally big size, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, which grow up in the 50s 😂 those were the era of economical booming, you can generally see how the pattern has changed. By the time the pattern came to my dad, basically he has every little bit of those disease that "runs" in the family tree 😂

Now, since I'm in the family, doctor said I'm very risky because my father and his siblings has all that, my nutritionist ask me how do I know about the food they take? That's because my dad will have to teach me their "survival" skill, and the tasty pork lard rice, which is so cheap and super tasty 😂 Conveniently, the survival food now become a sinful indulgence that runs in the family, to remember what happened in the past.

Sorry for the wall of text again, but I'm generally showing you how the disease run in the family, generally depending on the lifestyle we're practicing.

@davidke20 Thanks for the good read.

My Dutch grandparent ate always the same I guess. Potatoes, vegetables and meat. During the war they still had a grocery shop.
I doubt they ate less, had only one child at that time.
It was a habit in these days to make meat on Mondays or so for a whole week (actually 4 or 5 days) it was beaten up daily, on Fridays the left overs of the past week. On Saturdays a porridge made out of boiled rice. It was eaten with brown sugar.
My granny made mainly vegetable soup, perhaps chicken too as I was very young.
My grandfather died of bone cancer. He was about mid 50 years old. So did the rest of his siblings. An exception might be two sisters.
This was a large family of twins. One half died in their thirties the other half of the twins in their fifties.

My other grandparents were born in Surinam and lived in Indonesia and ended up in the Japanese concentration camp. My granny with her 3 children. I doubt the food was good. My granny had a stomach ulcer at that time. Who knows what more. She suffered from a rate blood clutter disease. After the war she always cooked the same too. Soup, rice with vegetables and some meat and a desert (bought and Dutch).
She has been operated on her kidneys, eyes, etc. Thanks to the prednisone she became way older as expected.

My grandfather had a heart attack after dinner and all his sons have heart diseases and attacks, no matter their lifestyle and if they are overweight or not. All around the age of 50.

I have been heavily malnourished as a baby and been in hospital for a longer time. I had a problem eating, swallowing (I still have so have two of my children) and digesting food. That seems to run into the family of my mother.
I don't think my family is the healthiest species and the diseases only increase.
The fact Dutchmen are the tallest people by now says a lot too. I think we swallow more chemicals as we think or ever thought.

I noticed many products have changed since I was a child. Cheese became plastic, peanut butter is mainly palm at now same with chocolate spread.

Bad an's doesn't mean you will get sick but for sure your chance is bigger if it is triggered by something.

My family never drank high amounts of coffee, didn't drink and never smoked. They lived a healthy lifestyle. Walking a lot or bicycling and had their daily fruit.

Happy day. ❤️

Well, if that's the case, it really ran in your family. All I can say is, pray for your well being, so as your family.

Mine, believe to be more of urban disease even before we become urban. My pops despite having all those difficult diseases, he's turning 79 this year. We now still have my 6th uncle, 9th aunt, my dad and his younger brother 11th uncle, 12 aunt, and 13 uncle still around 🙂 They're not the healthiest one, but they live so much longer than their elder brothers, the first five. At least they now learned to take care of their food intake.

About coffee, cheese, chocolate, all these are my favorite! I'm still taking coffee now, whilst replying this comment😂