Delicious Dinner for only 55k IDR

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Hello, foodies!
Today i took my mom to have indonesian fried chicken as our dinner in one of our favorite fried chicken restaurant.


When we came at around 6pm, no customers there. We were lucky cause after we had been there, one by one customer came there too.

We then right away order to their cashier and paid.


Here was the menu


Their speciality here was Indonesian fried chicken.

The Food


We ordered the package of young chicken, sour and sweet vegetables soup, a rice and a glass of tea. We then added stirred kale and fried tempeh.

The taste


Their chicken was the best, soft and tasty with the savory flavour. The tempeh also great, soft. The kale was also fresh with a bit savory flavour. While their sayur asem tasted sour and a bit sweet, it was also fresh. Great!

Here you could also try their spicy sambal (chilli paste), the orange had spicy savory taste while the red one had sweet and mild spicy taste. The orange one was garlic chilli paste which was the spicier, but today i chose the sweet spicy one.


It had a quite large dining area, plus you could also eat in the dining area outside (foodcourt area).

Some customers came when we were eating.


The Price
Altogether we paid 81,000 IDR but i had 2 account of payment so we paid (51-20)+(30-6)=55,000 IDR or only around 4 USD.


I invite you to try this young fried chicken too
Ayam Goreng Karawaci
3A floor
Plaza Semanggi
South Jakarta
open daily 10am-10pm

Restaurant Information

Ayam Goreng Karawaci
The Plaza Semanggi Lantai 3A No.002, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.50, RT.1/RW.4, Karet Semanggi, Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12930, Indonesia

Delicious Dinner for only 55k IDR
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The green vegetable dish, is this water convolvulus? Looks like one

here we said that kangkung, it's a kind of kale

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Thanks for sharing this lovely review with us

Excellent decorative place and good food for dinner. Nice guide.

thank you