Tasty Breakfast, Ketupat Sayur!

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Hello, foodies!
Back with me again, today i'm going to share one of the best breakfast we had in our favorite padangnese (West Sumatra, Indonesia) food.


When we came it was only not more than 10am in the morning.

It was still no customers inside. Like usually, the small dining area was clean.


We chose what we wanted then the waitress sent to our table.


We bought 2 portion of their authentic ketupat sayur (rice cake with vegetable in tasty coconut soup).

Here they were


One with the egg gulai while the other with beef rendang. The beef was so tasty, savory, spicy and authentic. The egg tasted savory and fresh.. We love the pukis vegetable and also the soup. Also they put the authentic pink crackers on top which made it perfect, it had plain flavour. The soup was savory and spicy, so delicious!

The Price
For all the food we paid was 34,000 IDR or around 2.5 USD and the two glasses of hot tea were free.

I invite you to try the authentic tasty ketupat sayur padang here
10th, Hj Abdul Madjid Street
Cipete, South Jakarta
open daily 9am-7pm

Restaurant Information

Jl. Abdul Majid Raya, RT.4/RW.11, Cipete Utara, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia

Tasty Breakfast, Ketupat Sayur!
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