Our Favorite Dimsum for only 13k IDR (around 0.95 USD)!

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Hello, foodies!
Today i would like to share one of our foodie experience, this time when we had dimsum as our dinner on January 13th. Every 13th, our favorite dimsum restaurant has the promotion of dimsum day. It sells the dimsum with one price, only 13k for a portion of it. So last week on 13th we went there...

Here how it looked like


We needed to wait to be seated cause even we came there around 5.45 pm, but many customers had already been there.

The Dining Area


Look, even they had a quite large dining area which always clean and neat and they also had inside and outside dining area but all tables were full that day!

After waiting for around 15 minutes then we got our table. The waiter then gave us the menu.

The Menu


Cause it was dimsum day, they gave us also a piece of paper, special menu of 13 kind of dimsum which cost 13k IDR (around 0.95 usd) for each portion.

We then ordered 6 portions of 13k dimsum. We needed to be patient that day, cause the dimsum came one by one. 2 of the fried dimsum came first, then one by one the other also came... Until one kind of it not yet came and we had already much hungry and decided to eat first...

The Food
Here what we ordered


The Taste
First came this one called pangsit mayonaise (Fried dumplings with mayonaise sauce).


It had shrimp inside, with crunchy skin outside. With the savory flavour and mayonaise which had sweet and a bit sour flavour. It made a perfect combination of flavour, we also ate it with chilli sauce to make it spicier.

Second, my mom's favorite fried dimsum, Lumpia isi ayam dan jamur (Springrolls with chicken and mushroom).


It had savory flavour with chicken and mushroom inside. The skin were sooo crunchy. Mom really loved it much!

Third, Siew mai


It had savory flavour with chicken and also shrimp inside, it was the best. With soft skin and also delicious meat inside, this one was our favorite.

Fourth, Chasiew bao (BBQ chicken steamed bun)


It were soft buns with the soft barbecue chicken inside. And it had sweet flavour. We also liked it!

Fifth, this one was their Chicken Xiao Long Bao.


It had savory flavour, so tasty of chicken inside. Both of us also love it.

Sixth, the one that came after all our dim sum finished, it was gao zi.


Actually it were kind of shrimp chicken dumplings served in sweet spicy vinegar sauce. It was the favorite here, it had savory taste inside, soft skin and also it served with their spicy sour sweet sauce. Yummy!

Pssttt look at the waiting list behind, it was getting longer and longer... no wonder, it had delicious taste but that day was dimsum day which meant could get the dimsum cheaper!


The Price
For all of the dimsum we paid 90,090 IDR or around 6.53 USD.


I invite you all to come here and try their delicious dimsum!

Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum
UG Floor Blok M Plaza
Bulungan street
South Jakarta
open daily 10am-10pm

Restaurant Information

Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum
Plaza Blok M - Upper Ground Unit 12, Jl. Bulungan No.76, RT.6/RW.6, Kramat Pela, Kec. Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia

Our Favorite Dimsum for only 13k!
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13K IDR is what currency. Indonesia Ringgits?

Indonesian Rupiah

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The bill is 90,090 IDR. What is equavalent USD?

i've mentioned it in the article above, you could read it on the price part

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Thanks, I will find it in your article

you're welcome