Potato Tornado

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Philippine street food is a big part of the Filipino culture. It is always a part of the urban landscape.

Walking in the streets of Ormoc City, I saw the newest craze in town that people are lining up to--the Twisted Potato or also known as Potato Tornado. This deep-fried twirls look like a golden potato ribbon curled around a stick and it caught my attention. I want to try it too.

So I also lined up with them.



It is mesmerizing to see the whole potato being cut in the specialized spiral potato cutter.


And this is how it looks when put in the sticks. Amazing, isn't it?


Then, it was deep-fried.


After which, I am asked what flavor I want. It is served either plain or in various flavours like cheese or mayonnaise. I chose cheese.


I enjoyed this potato crunch so much. Because it is thinly-sliced, it is crispy to the last bite. The only thing I doesn't like about it is that the cheese flavoring scatters on your clothes while eating it. One must be extra careful.

The Potato Tornado stall can be found at:
Ormoc Bayfront Walking Plaza
Linao, Ormoc City,
Leyte, Philippine

Restaurant Information

Potato Tornado
Linao, Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines

Potato Tornado
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Delicious from Kryptonia @ianstevenson

hehe, this can be found in my local food market too!

Wow! That'a awesome! 😊 From where are you @kimzwarch?

I’m from malaysia 😊

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Eto d ko pa natry. Para kasing gamit na gamit na mantika na pinaglutuan e haha! Matry nga to minsan. Sa sm ko lang nakita un e

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Itong mantika na to parang bago pa. Nung inedit ko saka lang naging dark ang kulay. Hehehe. Kaya pili ka rin. Hehehe. 😁😂

Haha! Basta masarap ok na

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Hahaha! 😂 Orayt!

It is very easy to get your clothes dirty but Potato Tornado looks very good.

Yes, specially if your wearing white. I was wearing white back then. What a pity! 😢 I wasn't careful.


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Thank you @tasteem. Your vote is very much appreciated! 😍

From Krytonia

Thank you. 😊