Rujak Aceh Garuda The Legendary

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In life we really need vitamins and minerals to maintain health. Natural vitamins and minerals are abundant in fresh fruits. Fruits are a type of food that is very easy to get and almost liked by everyone. Because it tastes good and has high properties to protect the body from disease, fruits are very much sought after by everyone.

In Banda Aceh, there is a shop which has been very legendary in processing fresh fruits so that it is crowded by buyers. The shop is Rujak Aceh Garuda located on Jalan Tgk. Pulo Dibaroh, Kampung Baru Banda Aceh. This shop is located adjacent to the Garuda cinema which is now a distant memory. Rujak Aceh Garuda is also very close to Blang Padang which is the Banda Aceh city square and very close also to the traditional shopping center of Banda Aceh City, Aceh Market. Access to Baiturrahman Grand Mosque is very close, you can access all the places by foot because it is only a stone's throw from Rujak Aceh Garuda.


For those of you lovers of fruits, I highly recommend trying the Rujak Aceh Garuda. Here there are two variants available, namely Rujak Aceh with diced and given spices and sweets which are ground using mortar and ulek.

Rujak Aceh

And another variant is fresh fruit that is cut into pieces and given ice shreds and fresh herbs with a sweet and spicy taste.



Types of fruits that become collaborative in processing into Rujak are young bananas, sago fruit, papaya, pineapple, water guava, cucumber, yam and mango while those served in the form of fruits are given ice grated and red syrup are red watermelon, jackfruit, sapodilla, apple, pineapple, water guava, guava, mango, yam, melon and cucumber.



Come visit here and feel the freshness of a blend of fresh fruit and fantastic spices. I am sure you will be addicted and come back later.

Restaurant Information

Rujak Aceh Garuda
Jl. Tgk. Pulo Dibaroh No.15, Kp. Baru, Kec. Baiturrahman, Kota Banda Aceh, Aceh 23116, Indonesia

Rujak Aceh Garuda The Legendary
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