Puloculinary #128: Mochitalk: Take Them Away

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When I was traveling to Tokyo, Japan, I bought and tasted some mochi at Asakusa. I was real Japanese mochi, since we know mochi origin from Japan. We could find mochi at many cake shops there, but usually mochi are served for Mochitsuki, a traditional attraction in Japan.

However, mochi has spread in many countries, including Indonesia. I ever bought mochi in Semarang. The taste of mochi from Semarang was great. It’s almost same taste with original one (in Japan).

When I went to Medan few weeks ago, I found a mochi shop in Centre Point Mall. It’s Mochitalk, located at ground floor of the mall.


I was curious to buy some. I bought a box of mochi and took them away.


I think this Mochi shop is quite famous. They have loyal costumers, I guess.


Once I was at home, I just taste the mochi.




The taste was good and delicious, but its texture was not as soft as original one (mochi I tasted in Asakusa).

Restaurant Information

Jl. Jawa, Gg. Buntu, Kec. Medan Tim., Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Mochitalk: Take Them Away
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Wow. Looks so different food.

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