Puloculinary #137: Giant Village Cafe & Resto

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We had lunch at Giant Village Cafe & Resto in Medan Fair Mall when we visited Medan. This resto is located close to Es Teler 77.

We tried to have lunch at a different restaurant. Usually we like to have lunch or dinner at Es Teler 77. We just enter Gaint Village Restaurant.


At the restaurant we ordered ayam penyet, my daughter ordered ice cream, I ordered es teler.



Es teler look so delicious and colorful. This resto trying to make es teler like Es Teler 77’s.

My daughter tries to enjoy her ice cream. I believed he could not finish the menu.

I could recommend this place, with the prices of menu is affordable. More cheaper than Es Teler 77 though the taste were not the same.


Restaurant Information

Giant Village Resto Cafe
Jl. Bandara Rembele, Uring, Bukit, Kabupaten Bener Meriah, Aceh 24582, Indonesia

Giant Village Cafe & Resto
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I'm hungry to see him Doctor ...he..he..

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