Puloculinary #141: Best Breakfast at ANA Crowne Plaza, Osaka

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It was a wonderful moment when I had breakfast at the restaurant of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel in Osaka, Japan. I stayed at the hotel. I spent about four days in Osaka. Before that I was in Tokyo.


The first morning in Osaka, I had breakfast at hotel’s restaurant. It was buffet, all we could it. I had some waffles, pancake, fruits and a glass of coffee.



The ambience was so cozy, it was so wonderful place. That morning there were not so many people having breakfast there, since I went to the restaurant a bit early.



Not so far from my seat, an old man with American hat looked so enjoying his breakfast. I guessed he is a professor, since I was attending a medical conference at the hotel.


Frankly speaking, it’s amazing to have a breakfast at a great hotel in Osaka, Japan.

Restaurant Information

Restaurant of ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel
1-chōme-3-1 Dōjimahama, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0004, Japan

Best Breakfast at ANA Crowne Plaza, Osaka
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