Ulog# 152 Ocha Asian Cuisine Baguio City, Philippines


We were looking for a place to eat for our monthsary. We decided to eat in this place called OCHA Asian Cuisine. It is located in Puso ng Baguio Building Session Road.

As you Enter the place was packed with people because in this place there are 2 restaurants the other one called Vizcos. The atmosphere was comfy and at least it was spaceous.

This was their menu, they serve appetizers, soups, salads, vegetables, pork, chicken, beef, seafood, noodles, rice, beverages, and their premium ice cream. In their menu you can see what are the Chef's recommendations, it has a star before the item and you can also see if the dish that you'll order is spicy by looking at the chili symbol before the dish.


My girlfriend ordered green tea for her drink, it came with honey.

We ordered vegetable tempura, wherein it had eggplant, onions, carrots and okra. I loved how crispy it was and the taste of the sauce complimented it well.
My girlfriend ordered her favorite, Shirmp Pad Thai. It was composed of rice noodles with shrimp, scrambled egg, kutchay leaves, bean sprouts, sweet chili fish sauce and peanuts. When I tasted this for the first time, I got why she always orders that , it was delicious!
I ordered chicken shawarma, they were very generous with the vegetables and meat. The portion was quite big and it tasted good. The garlic Yogurt sauce made it more flavorful
The last item that we ordered was Chicken Kebab. It was served with their Yogurt Sauce. I also loved its taste because the chicken was very tender and juicy. It was grilled perfectly.


I really enjoyed eating in this place , it was just a perfect place to celebrate.

Thanks for reading!

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Restaurant Information

Ocha Asian Cuisine
Porta Vaga Mall, Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines

Ulog# 152 Ocha Asian Cuisine Baguio City, Philippines
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You can't go wrong with Asian food, my friend. That's good eating!

I really agree with you. Thank you so much for dropping by!

At this point I would eat everything I saw on your blog. I think that is the purpose of this post. Congratulations!

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Thank you!

Hahaha, Eating will always be something that I'll love. Thank you so much!!!

It means we are on the same team. I also like to eat.

A great review here my friend and the food really looks yummy!

A great review here
My friend and the food really
Looks yummy! Blessings!

                 - papilloncharity

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you so much!!! May you be blessed too!

Mmm. I love Pad Thai also, but actually everything looks delicious!

I'm also starting to love Pad Thai, all the ingredients just gives it a burst of flavor. Thanks for dropping by!

Looks delicious. It's a long time since I had tempura vegetables!

THank you, I remember when I was a kid , if i were to eat vegetables I would always eat tempura vegetables. Thanks for dropping by and have a a great day!


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I always love the Philippines' food. Looks nice and comfy. :)

Thank you so much!! Hope you can visit here soon!

  ·  last year (edited)

I remember eating this when I was in Asia, it was great

I agree with you, this dish is great

All that food looked simply delicious, well presented with great detail on each dish @sgbonus definitely a tasty treat!

Thank you so much for all your compliments! May you have a great week ahead

Arghhh the food looks delish and is making me hungry :D especially the chicken shawarma!

I'm so sorry for making you hungry. shawarma will also be one of the delicacies that I'll love. Thanks for dropping by

Your meal looks yummy!

It really was, Thank you so much for dropping by

I always drink tea with my dinner

Oh cool, Come to think of it I never had that habit. Thank you so much for dropping by :)

Better for the digestion

Okay thank you so much for the tip. I'll try it next time :)

I miss great shrimp sambal.
Can't wait to taste it again:)

Because of what you said I want to taste it too myself. Thanks for dropping by

Everything looks so good! Happy monthsary.

Yes it was, Thank you so much!!

Nice review - I especially would love the crisply cooked tempura vegetables. Carrots are not something that normally gets battered and deep fried in this area - I might have to try that.

Thank you so much! I hope that it will be tasty when you try it. Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

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Thank you so much PHC family!

Happy monthiversary to you both! Looks like a delicious way to celebrate - those chicken kabobs in particular made my mouth water! Also..

Thank you so much for your greetings and your kind comment. May you have a wonderful day!

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This looks delicious, I love Asian food, its flavors are the best!!!

Yes it really was delicious. I'm glad that you love Asian food. Thanks for dropping by

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Everything looks delicious!!! I love Pad Thai but the Tempura looked yummy too! Shwarma is one of my favorite things to order here and the places that make it are few and far between. The right way, anyway!

Happy month-versary!!


Thank you so much, everything was really delicious. For some reason I also order shawarma always. I love it if their garlic sauce is also good. Thank you for dropping by and for the tip. May you continue to be blessed!

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Simply delicious-looking. It has made me ravenous.


Thank you so much for dropping by and have a great day

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Those tempura veggies look fabulous @sgbonus and pad Thai is one of my favorites. Looks like you picked a winner of a place to eat. 😘

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Thank you so much for all your compliments. THat's good to know thats one of your favorite food to eat come on over to the Phil to eat some :). Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

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Thank you so much!

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Everything looks yummy! And congrats on on your anniversary! Enjoy many more to come.

Thank you so much!!!! May you continued to be blessed

Howdy sir sgbonus! this is such a good review! And the food makes me so hungry, great photos. I've never heard of the shawarma but I'd love to try is sometime and those kabobs looks so tasty! Great job sir!

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Yummy food 😍

YEs it really was

nice dishes!

Thank you so much!

Looks amazing @sgbouns. Looked a little cramped. I did expect your pictures of the interior to be a bit different, only because the sign had a trendy look. None of matters if the food isn't good and that didn't seem to be the case.

Yes it was a little bit cramped because it was like 2 restaurants in one place. I think there was a second floor but I didnt bother going up haha. Thanks for dropping by