Wilfred's - A Valentine's Tasteem Review

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Where else to take your Valentine but somewhere very posh looking like Wilfred’s Restaurant and Bar?

This very new building is attached to the Crow Wood gym, Betrams Restaurant as well as the ‘other’ restaurant below Bertrams which so far I have not reviewed.


Why they chose to build THREE restaurants in such proximity is quite beyond me.

Bertrams used to be highly rated, but please read my review before stepping in there.

Besides the gym, this complex is in the middle of nowhere. I guess after a hard session you have some culinary choices.

It was @bingbabe's idea to visit Wilfred's and her impression of it is not in accordance with my views.


My opinion of the building is modern but quite drab. Perhaps it’s because I loathe the colour of grey.

It reminds me of the English skies, which are predominantly painted in this colour.


Inside is as plush as I expected, the barman looking up just as I took this photograph. He seemed a little shocked but took it well.


After being offered some seats I noticed everything was pink, or it is purple. That depends on your eyes I suppose.


This rectangular huge long skinny light was giving off the hue and I wasn’t so keen. Maybe this would be good for Valentine’s if you can think ‘pink


Now all my photographs would be pink; Pink Menus, Pink Food, Pink Tables and Chairs, bah!


I took the pink menu and had a look, deciding on a Hot Sandwich, 'Steak and Caramelised Onion' at £12.95, @bingbabe ordered a ‘Spaghetti Gambas Pil Pil’ at £13.50 with a side of Sweet Potato Fries.


We felt a shared starter might go down well and the Duck Gyoza’s fitted the bill at £6.50, not exactly cheap for a starter.

I cannot fault the service at Wilfred’s, it was exemplary, punctual and quick.


The Gyoza’s arrived first, all five of them and I calculated this to be more than £1 per bite as they are mouthful sized.

Was this sweet chilli sauce? The blurb states chilli and soy.

To be fair they were quite decent but a little squishy and reminded me of soggy pasta shells with some meat inside.

After vanishing from the plate in the space of mere minutes we waited for the main courses.


My steak sandwich looked the part and the first few bites were palatable.

Sometimes this happens with food, it kind of fools you into whispering, 'I'm good' when it's really not so good.


...'a walk to the bathroom afforded me a non-pink photograph, hallelujah!'...

I found this ‘Steak and Caramelised Onion’ sandwich to be one of these charlatans.

The chips were decent enough but I struggled to finish the sandwich leaving around 25% on the plate.

I can't describe it any better than simply... boring.

What’s with the gravy? Pouring gravy on bread leaves a sticky mess. I used it to dunk my chips; at least it had some use.


…'the salt shows up very well under… wait, is this ultra-violet light?'…


Meanwhile, @bingbabe was loving her ‘Spaghetti Gambas Pil Pil a la' pink’ (where do they get these names from) and finished the lot.

I can't say I tried it on this occasion so I will need to take her word that it was as good as she says.


On leaving I was pissed. Almost £49 for ‘ropey’ food doesn’t amuse me much.


At least the bill is not pink. I took it outside for this shot. I'm sure you're all tired of my pink images by now, but just before I finish... here's another!


Go there for your Valentines’ date if you dare, but expect to have deep pockets and leave the steak butty alone!

Restaurant Information

Wilfred's Restaurant
Holme Rd, Burnley BB12 0RT, UK

Wilfred's - A Valentine's Tasteem Review
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Some of those specials on the first part of the menu sounded really good. I am surprised you didn't go for the fish and chips. The tortellini sounded good as well as the steak burger. At least the wife was happy after this meal. The sandwich did look a little plain. I can't really talk though because you know how crazy the food gets over here. We set the bar pretty high :)

My late father came with me to the US in the last nineties after slagging off the country for years. When he returned to the UK I couldn't shut him up about the food hehe.., his opinion was changed forever.

I think I would take your side. I rather go a bit more low key on the surroundings, but have better food.

Well, that steak sandwich was very boring, you could tell from the picture - dry, stodgy, not much filling and even less steak, and forty-nine quid!?! You could get a better steak and more of it in Wetherspoons on a Tuesday night (two steak dinners with a drink £15). If you've got the app, you don't even have to forage at the bar.
There is something about the lighting that calls to mind the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Glad at least one if you got some decent food. I'm off to read Bertram's now.

It wasn't the best of places, but kind of apt for Valentine's contest due to the pinkness! Been to many better places, and won't be returning in a hurry!

Fucking hell!! Too pink! Or rather, wtf with the ultra violet and the price too! No wine and fifty quid. It could only be valentine's!

Looks like a new office block from the outside :0)

Looks like a new office block from the outside :0)

It does.., I have enough of seeing these scenes every day!

Ha! Me too!!


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