Montegue's Cafe - A Tasteem Review

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In our search for respectable eateries in the working-class town of Rochdale, we were getting desperate.

I still have another ‘bad place' to write up but as @tasteem is supposed to be about positive eating then today I can tell you all something.

Yes, there is another place that is worthy of eating, but it’s kind of hard to find.

I say this not because it’s not in a dodgy back street, nestled within empty beer cans, cigarette butts, the non-too subtle fragrance of cannabis resin, the many pissheads, homeless and vagrants who roam the street (but do keep to themselves), but strategically placed so most don’t see it.


We were ambling along the same darkened 17th-century alley that hosts ‘The Laughing Loaf' one day and were almost pulled into this ‘Rochdale Market Foodhall' encampment by a woman desperately trying to sell us a sandwich.


We had seen the place before but it seemingly sold potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables and was nothing at all remotely like a ‘Foodhall'.


Inside the Food Hall, except... there's little in the way of food

@goblinknackers was listening but a glaze was rapidly forming around my eyes while listening to the droning of cheese, eggs, ham, bacon, and then she said..... ‘restaurant’.

I snapped out of it and started listening intently.

There is a restaurant named Montague’s on the second floor’, she said. I was still not sold but we decided to go and have a look.


'Boring looking stairs can sometimes lead to hidden restaurants, forgotten in time and hosting gourmet delights!'

Up some very forgettable stairs takes us into a nice looking restaurant that looks a little out of place considering this town.


Like many of these ‘healthy eating’ places, there was no evidence of chips being on the menu.

Well, damn. I can handle that I suppose.



The menu was quite orientated around breakfast but as it was past 1 pm that was no longer an option.

Yes, I could have pulled a gun and demanded some like Michael Douglas showed us in the movie Falling Down, but I have not quite got to that level of insanity yet.


The Minute Steak and Onion looked interesting, which we sometimes called ‘Steak Canadian' in the UK. @goblinknackers ordered the same.


The owner came to our window-side table and started talking. She has had problems getting customers and I can see why.

Nobody knows about this place, because it’s not easy to see or find

There is a sign outside, but it’s too small. I have walked past it many times. People just don’t look.


The food arrived in good time and the photographs do not do it justice.

What we received was a torpedo roll which is similar to a burger bun but as the description implies is shaped like the German U-Boat weapon of favour.


Inside we get thin slices of beef with onions. This kind of sandwich used to be more popular in the UK years ago but burgers have gradually taken over.

Some salad accompanied the sandwich, a little coleslaw, and some crisps.


Maybe it’s because I have not had one of these in years, but the taste was fantastic.

If anything it could have had another layer of beef to make it a little fuller but I really enjoyed what was on my plate at Montague’s café that day.


They have taken some time to make the place presentable, the décor is pleasant, the ambiance nice and I will be returning to this café come restaurant soon.


The bill was simple. One sandwich at £6.50. What I didn’t know is that certain employee’s gain a 10% discount.

I do qualify for that even though I am technically not an ‘employee’.

Montague’s is my highlight for Rochdale's eateries so far. I would highly recommend it, at least for the dish that I chose.

Restaurant Information

Montegue's Cafe
1st Floor, 7-11 The Butts, Rochdale OL16 1XT, UK

Montegue's Cafe - A Tasteem Review
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It feels like the fragrance of sliced ​​garlic smells up to here.

Nobody expected, there is a restaurant recommended behind the stairs. :)

Thanks for sharing with us via Tasteem:

[Tasteem Global Supporter]

Thanks @anggreklestari, it's a nice little place, and I have been again since this review.


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I have heard of topless waitresses in special, classy restaurants with membership-cards and Russian doormen - but a bottomless breakfast! I am both shocked, enticed and going to Rochdale very soon!

This is Rochdale, the bottom part is a little like the top... none too pretty ;)

It is a very long trip if you are to take the train... I will have to consider this. My imagination flew away with me... again.

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‘Nobody knows about this place, because it’s not easy to see or find’

The best way to solve this is to put someone handing out flyers nearby for a % discount on the food, or 1 free drink, something... It would bring in clients and develop a trustworthy list of usuals... If the food is good they would come back, especially if it's near their place of work, and if the food is good the clients would talk with other people that they knew and bring even more clients... It's all a matter of marketing.

And some googlemaps indicators and good reviews would bring clients too.

It's all a matter of marketing!

She told us the small sign pitched out the front is all the are allowed to use. The local council have warned them no more. They would be better off using the downstairs area. There's little in there right now.

She must of missed that number 1 rule of real estate :location location location.

A nice find! Asked a little discount too! Airways makes it so much better

When I work at the many places I do, I get a badge. Some are different that the permanent ones, some not.

This one isn't so I can claim the 10%. It's called getting your cake and eating it too.., I know... the doubloons!!!

The doubloons indeed!! And the chests of gold and treasure!!! :OD

Oh wow, that is pretty awesome. We have a place here that specializes in sandwiches like that called Big John's Steak and Onion. They aren't as common as they used to be, but there are still a couple here and there. It isn't what I was expecting based on the name!

I keep wanting to go back, for lunch food it's a little expensive (I usually get a pastie for £1.75 and eat it walking the streets). Once a fortnight is probably enough.

There used to be a burger place named Flakey Jake's in the SW, can you remember it, or was it just a SW place?

I have never heard of that before. It might just be in the SW. Do you ever just take your own lunch or do you always go out to eat?

Always go out. Food is cheap here, at most places and if you don't go out then you really haven't had a break. It wakes me up and stops me snoring at the desk :)

I pretty much just always bring my lunch and eat at my desk while I work. My office is pretty isolated thou

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That certainly is a find! A "hard-to-find". I love the idea of a Bottomless Brunch! Sounds more fun than Afternoon Tea.

Good to see you back, have missed your hikes!

It's good to be back! And I've got a few interesting hikes to write up :)

Food looks great still. Nice review

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