Enjoy Spicy and Tasty at The Nony

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How are you Steemians? I hope you are all in good conditions. Today I will share my trip to find some lunch with my wife and daughter.


To find a good place that serving delicious dishes we must selective to choosing. And the choice fell to the restaurant of Nony.

This place located in a very strategic place close to the city center. Precisely located at Desa_karangsentul, Purbalingga Wetan, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. This place has a large parking area.


This restaurant has clean, comfortable and spacious facilities. Very representative to be our lunch choice.


This place is suitable for formal and informal meetings.


There are lots of seating options, we can choose who uses a chair, or who just sit on the floor so it is more relaxed.


In addition to presenting nuances and natural character, this place has many choices in the form of gasebo and small huts.

With a spacious place and many choices of variety and atmosphere, making this place so interesting.


And most of all, this place also offers a lot of food choices.

In this place I chose to taste the chicken black pepper fried rice. This package costs IDR 20,000 per serving. This fried rice is hot and spicy.

While my wife and daughter chose chicken noodle soup for IDR 22.000. I see they eat very tasty.

There is also a large selection of drinks and juices. We choose iced tea and water.

This place also serves delivery orders.


Our lunch costs at this place cost around 60,000 rupiah today.

Restaurant Information

Ayam Bakar Nony
Jl. MT Haryono, Km. 2 Karang Sentul Padamara, Desa_karangsentul, Purbalingga Wetan, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah 53312, Indonesia

Enjoy Spicy and Tasty at The Nony
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