Steem World - Can we Have a DJ Mix Party Again!!!

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Started with this, failed but will always try again

As a former Techno DJ of the early days of Techno - I have to try to encourage blockchain based party initiatives. In the early days we had great engagement on the first "Steem Club Nights" - while we lost a lot great users we also lost engagement - and to live mix on a blockchain is not the easiest - let us at least have fun. FOCUS this weekend on Love Parade and Mayday - the two major German events that kicked the electronic music movement into a business.

Love Parade (1998) - my friend Paul van Dyk starting the party (Berlin)

Mayday (some of the anthems - verdammt war das ne geile Zeit!!)

Abschlusskundgebung 1998 Love Parade

Marusha ist nicht mein Fall, der Mix war cool - I like! I miss, I want these days back!!!!

Love Parade 1997

Dr. Motte and Westbam - Sunshine (Anthem Of Love Parade 1997)

Love Parade 2000 (again the old balt guys....)

Check Poland 20 years Mayday Party

Dr. Motte - Gründerpapa Love Parade in da mix

Mark Spoon played a lot at Love Parade (We miss him!)

PS: This post will be edited and enhanced throughout the Party Weekend

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Ich bin leider erst zur Afterhour hier eingetroffen... ;-)

Macht nix, früher gingen die Teile ja übers ganze Wochenende

WOW, those (early) days of Love Parade; Progressive almost Techno and faster than fast! :)

I add some additional fastness: Surgeon

Yeah, good ole timee - thanks for your contribution. Fast is certainly sometimes good :-)

Fast is Past and becomes Present again :) After decade or so of 120bpm, different (slower) styles becoming faster again. Everything changes over time, sometimes in a kinda multi year/decade loop :)

geil...liebe diesen post :-)

Das freut mich aber sehr! Manchmal braucht man eben etwas Feedback und Engagement - Danke @feuerelfe

Happy Friday! Loving the Mayday :)

Thanks a lot for the appreciation @kimberlylane - grew up with that tunes :-) I used to DJ often, last 10 years no real time - miss it

Will have a listen to these over the weekend! Hope it gains momentum again!

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Frankfurt DJ Tom Wax - fab parties, special style, one chartbreaker, listen here:

in 2001 I was already too old - the anthem

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