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That was the easiest match and quickest
I have seen from Serena.
Right around 44 minutes the match was over.
Wang was playing too cool with her.

Actually it is the first time they played each other.
The expectation was new for both.
First time for Wang to be far into a grand slam match.
She didi good to get that far.
She did play great tennis but she is not attacking the court.
She is not taking chances to force Serena's hand


She won 15 points for the whole match where Serena won 50 points.
She got one point in the first set
One key way of winning a tennis game is to limit unforced errors.
Serena had one double fault on the net and few mistakes on returns.
Total for the whole match for Serena is 10 where Wang had 13.
Serena managed to play her gratefully and not exerting too much effort.
Wang played good but not good enough to win in front of Serena.

Wang had not use her strength and velocity well.
I mean she did have the time to do so.
Serena was fast on the ball and attacking her all the time.
The cat suit has been really good for her.
She hardly lose wearing it.
Serena is a result driven.
She said it once, she is really bad at losing.

Serena has played Us Open for more than 20 years.
Her first victory title major came by 1999.
She still has tennis on her blood.
This year if she wins it all will be a great achievement.
She is going after number 24 grand slam.
I think it is possible cause hse has been so close before.
By the way she lost quite a few finals.
Do you remember last year against Naomi?
It was not cool seeing her losing her cool.
Anyway this is past, she sets the expectation high this year.
Next match will be Elina.
Interesting match will it be.
The winner will play the final on Saturday.
Good luck Serena!

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It is becoming obvious that Serena William might win this year US open tournament . She has proven to be a more better tennis layer than the remaining competitors

oh she is motivate now