"What The Fu©k Was I Thinking?"

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Here we are with our very first episode of "What the fu©k was I thinking?" Sometimes when you have an idea or a plan, it sounds great at the time. Upon execution you realize that maybe it wasn't the best idea but you're already in too deep and failure is really not an option. I will never regret my decisions, I made them for all of the right reasons.

I don't think the people who own this church really want to sell. The price is as high as giraffe balls and in my situation, I was wanting to make a deal where I could stay for the winter and we can tack on the price of rent to the sale price. Funds are running low and it's looking like getting this place is not feasible for me. I love this place but can not pay for history or sentimental value. I have started looking for other options.


Before I left the south, I told myself that I would be happier broke and homeless than in the situation I was in. I have less than a week to pull of a miracle or I will find myself eating my words. Which wouldn't be a big deal if my son wasn't with me. He's awesome about it though and just chalks it up to another part of the adventure. It's funny when you realize that you learn just as much from your kid as they learn from you.

Aside from the bull happening with the church, winter has decided to come early this year. We were greeted with about twelve inches of snow so far and according to the locals, this isn't normal. They don't usually get snow like this till November. Talk about a warm welcome! Being the curious southerners we are we decided to gear up and go play. It was different than what I expected and of course, my expectations only come from things I've seen in movies and on greeting cards.

There are three things I've always wanted to do in the snow... build a snowman, have a snowball fight and make a snow angel. Our first challenge was the snowman. We gathered up the fluffy stuff and tried to make a ball. Of course we made a little one and then tried rolling it to make it bigger like we've seen on TV. Well, it didn't work. The snow was too fluffy to and it was too cold for it to stick to itself to make the little ball we needed so, we just started scooping the snow into a pile thinking we would just make it into a ball that way. Yeah, that didn't work either and all we had was a pile of snow.

A snowball fight was not possible at this time either because of the same reasons we couldn't build a snowman. By this time, my nose is feeling like it's about to fall off and my toes are starting to feel the bite from the fluffy stuff building up on my pants and boots. The idea of laying in this shit to make a snow angel no longer seemed like a fun one so we decided to go in and get warm. No one ever tells you that in order to do these things it needs to be a little warmer. "What the fu©k was I thinking?" So yes, the southerners looked like jackasses trying to do these activities that seem so fun on the screen.


I don't hate the snow yet, it's absolutely beautiful to look at. I love making my coffee in the morning and having this view of the snowy land as far as the eye can see. We will get acclimated and we will learn the proper times and techniques to build us a proper snowman, and maybe even a proper snow skeleton if I get really good at it.

Hopefully what I'm about to tell you won't become a "What the fu©k was I thinking?" moment. I spoke to the Economic Development department of this town. There's an empty restaurant on the main street and the one thing this town needs is good food. I am happy to report that I now have a small team behind me writing a business plan and doing some research on the restaurant I want to open. It's not going to happen over night and with my situation I'm limited on what I can do right now but they see the potential just like I do and they are excited to help me start the process of opening a cajun restaurant. And who knows? Maybe one day you'll find yourself in the Middle of Nowhere USA, and I will welcome you to come eat at Southern Belle's Cajun Love... because it's not cajun if it's not cooked with love.

So, seriously, what do y'all think of the name??

It seems kind of crazy to try and start a business when I have nothing else but some clothes, some necessities and not so practical car but people have done so with a lot less and have been pretty successful. And to pay it forward to the community I plan to serve, I intend to have a free annual crawfish boil and maybe some steaks for those who don't like crawfish. I feel that if this community welcomes us with open arms and helps us to become successful, giving back to them is the very least I can do.

Wish me luck y'all! Positive vibes are always greatly appreciated!

Love and Light to each and every one of you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Best wishes for a successful business venture with 'Southern Belle's Cajun Love'

That picture of the Church resembles one I almost bought about five years ago in a small town... I had visions of roller-blading around the vast, empty chapel I called home😎 It would have cost a fortune to heat during winter months though.

Thank you so much for the wishes @angryman! Now I have to get out of my reclusive nature and become the friendly southern Belle people expect! I know I can cook a wicked southern dish but the being a people person is what scares me, I hope I can pull it off!

I imagine keeping this place warm in the winter and cool in the summer would be a challenge and not things I thought about so thank you for that tidbit. I just fell in love and yes, while my visions were not of rollerblading (I wonder now if I can find a pair at the second hand store here) I definitely have visions of what I could do with and in this place. Lots of space to do activities!

Not sure why I haven't clicked your follow button yet, guess I can be a real asshole sometimes. Hold please.. solved!

As high as giraffe balls... eh, that was funny!

I dig your attitude, I like your style. In Colorado, the snow is like that, so dry and flakey you can't make a snowball.

And whoever don't like crawfish don't like girls! One of my really good friends is from Lake Charles (I have a feeling you know where that is). Those boiled and simmered for 9-10 hour mudbugs are the best!

The windows are foggy, no snow here but cold enough outside the windows are foggy. I'm telling you this cuz I'm gonna go out there and enjoy this cup of coffee. :cheers:

Ah @dandays I would never consider you an asshole for not hitting a follow button, unless you wear that title as a badge of honor? Girls often pride themselves as being bitchy so I would understand.

The fact that the snow is so fluffy that you can't make snowballs on snowmen is really disappointing! The funny thing is the snow is still sticking and it's been a bit warmer the last few days and probably optimal conditions for building a snowman but now I'm protesting. I'm gonna show that snow who's the boss!

Your feeling would be correct I do know where Lake Charles is and have even been there a time or two. And I have to be honest with you, I lived about 10 mins away from New Orleans and never heard of cooking crawfish for 9-10 hours. We boil them for about 20 mins and then let them soak for a good 25-30 mins which allows the juice to seep in thus making sucking the heads a must. Maybe they do things differently in the western part of the state. I'm very interested in finding out more about this technique.

Thank you for the compliments and warm words. It's nice getting to know you and the great people who I've had the pleasure of interacting. Coffee and a view... it's the little things!

My views from the kitchen...


It was probably just a simmering thing he did. Just seems on crawfish night, the simmering began before we hit the job site.

Being California born and raised, that southern food was never near but I ran around with a group of southern boys for a few years.. crawfish, blood sausage, squirrel, alligator, I have a tough time saying no as it is but I'll never pass on a southern surprise.

You sure are easy to type to. Probably has something to do with how easy it is to read what you say. 'Probably'... we've got a long way to go yet. But I ain't doin anything for awhile so a long way is really nothin.

New Orleans--cuz you're so difficult to type to! Pura and I did Mardi Gras there once, it's been about 5 years now, made it for Fat Tuesday--all that. You know what, @bellelynn? Ima chalk up the similarity to something like a high school reunion or maybe even the renaissance fair (ps--I nailed 'renaissance' without autocorrect), "glad I did it once but that's enough."

Enjoy your weekend Southern Bell and those images are gorgeous. Your son is lucky to have you.

Snow is a bit cold isn't it?

Summer is slowly starting here - I went out without wearing my down jacket today!

It's cold @frot but I can say that the cold I experienced in the south is different from the cold here. Maybe the humidity in the south has something to do with that.

I'm definitely more of a warm weather creature and very envious of your summer just beginning!

Giraffe Balls???? Holy gawd I couldn't read the rest of it for a minute and burned the back of my nostrils from coughing up spit. Throw steaks and crawdads on my plate. Hope that works out for your generous heart much love sweets!

HAHA! You like that huh? And you got it! Steaks and crawfish it is!! And thanks babe, I really appreciate the kind words, things will work out I just know it! I appreciate having a place to write and vent. Is it common practice for people to use hive as a journal?? Love ya @enginewitty

I tink you needs a bit more Lousiana in that, Cher.

I love it. That sounds like one of the coolest things I've ever heard. If they are far enough north to have big snow at this time of year they are ready for red beans and rice.

That snow is the exact reason I live in Arizona. Yuma, in fact. They've been keeping weather records here for about 400 years and it has snowed exactly one time. I like my chances...

I had some family down the bayou and when we went down there when I was a kid they spoke in that cajun french accent and I swear I could listen to them talk all day!! Red beans and rice will definitely be on the menu, but only on Mondays because that's when we eat them in the south. And I don't really know why that is.

I appreciate you stopping by @bigtom13! See you around!

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