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Read this post thanks to a resteem by @whatsup, and it got me scratching my head. Nothing that I didn't already partly agree with. The main thing is, things were better the old way. I see a lot of people jumping off the #newsteem bandwagon now as it's really 'all about the money'. Just because something is new and shiny, doesn't necessarily make it great. Look at all the pump and dumps in altcoins that happen constantly.

Truth be told, Steem will be here, and so will I. I'm not dumping and running people. Regardless how many of you quit and go silent and stop chatting and commenting. I'm still going to be here. I'm still going to be a witness. Because, I believe Steem is just a toddler throwing a tantrum right now and we need to raise it up right. I'm the Godfather to make sure that happens. STeeM oN my peoples.

10% of rewards will go to @nonsowrites for the original article and 5% to @whatsup for bringing light to a delicate topic.

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The supposed milkers--those raping the reward pool, circle jerkers, etc and the steem gatekeepers are one and ... by nonsowrites


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It's true engine, I've been away on commenting and reading some post. But it's not because I forgot the only reason why we're pushing our best in #newsteem. I never forget that we must encourage people to make quality content and not just about money making here in steem.
My connection is one of the reasons why stopped doing it. The second reason is I'm searching for a job to finance my living. But now that my connection came back to normal I'm slowly engaging post because I'm still searching for a job.

By the way thanks for bringing this idea about #newsteem. It look's like you slap me in the face and said, "what are you doing all of a sudden.?."lol
have a nice day man..

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Ha ha right on, was doing that before the nonsense 🤪glad your connection back up to par!

Thing is, this is a creative venue more so than anything. I think people should be allowed to create at will and not be bullied if their post gets some attention.

I am going to pop over and have a read. There are some things I like about #newsteem, most notably, the demise of the bidbots and more (meaningful) manual curation and engagement. As a minor content creator, I have really benefited.

Thank you for looking out for us. It's much appreciated

Manual curation and engagement existed prior, nothing changed in that aspect save a few whales coming out of the woodworks. I've seen engagement and participation drop since the last 2 HFs. I'm glad it helped you tho, does make a small difference when investors have to get their pie manually instead of delegating to a bot.


does make a small difference when investors have to get their pie manually instead of delegating to a bot

This is exactly what has made a difference for me. I was aware that participation had dropped but my perception is, as I said in my post, I think (ahem...), that both the quality of content and that of engagement has improved. That, though, may just be my limited experience as a very junior steemian.

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Howdy sir enginewitty! I love your dedication and I truly hope that your analogy of raising a child is accurate. Steemit does need a Godfather so thank you!

Only time will tell my man.

Steem On!!!


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Yo, The Godfather!🕴🎯🍝🍷🕴

Thank you for all you do, and will continue to do, as a Steemit Witness. One thing I know about you is you persevere and draw strength from obstacles encountered along the way.💪

Two more admirable traits that come to mind are your commitment and tenacity. Your loyalty to the Steemit platform is an inspiration that reaches well beyond #thealliance🙌

Keep doing what you believe in! @enginewitty💯

"Great men are not born great, they grow great" -Mario Puzo

Love the quote and thank you for seeing what many overlook. Glad you are back and setting roots mama🤗🤗

No thanks necessary!👍
It's good great people like you that make us come back and stay on Steemit! @enginewitty

Glad you enjoyed the movie quote! I was going to call for a giphy but thought about the possibilities of what of "The Godfather" could return to "bloodify" your awesome post and stopped myself. Thumb control beats severed fingers!

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"Because, I believe Steem is just a toddler throwing a tantrum right now and we need to raise it up right. I'm the Godfather to make sure that happens. STeeM oN my peoples."

And we shall indeed "Steem On", as there are those that play no part in milking, ring voting, arguments, revenge trips and all of the other ills here. Clear consciences and good friends certainly makes life worthwhile and hopefully with guys like you around steemit will grow into a great experience for all.

Need more people like you spreading the love!

Thank you for the compliment my friend, but I am just about a bit of kindness in a harsh and cruel world.

"How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world." - William Shakespeare, "The Merchant of Venice"

Such a truth here my friend.
Blessings and thank you!

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Well, I am still here too.
We might be few, but we are true.

Hey you're a poet😜

When we are inspired by steem, i guess yes.

I was never a big fan of "newsteem". I dislike the name and I really disliked the attitude that if your posts or your way of using steem didn't fit in with the new way of doing things then you would be bullied into submission: fit in or f**k off.

Steem needs to be a broad church and people should be allowed to use it how they damn well please.

I'm not going anywhere either.

Love your attitude bro, and you heard me ;) Glad you got your running shoes on with us!

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