My Walk Yesterday

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My Wednesday Bit

Some of you are aware of @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk he encourages people to do, right? Well, I had told Jay a while back about these bikes that made the entrance to the Train Depot and that one of these days, I'd take a few pictures of the artwork. So, that is my walk for the day. Not a long walk, mind you, but it takes a bit to get there and there was other walking involved lol! Here is a sort of panorama - I tried to do on my phone, but couldn't get it to work right, of the whole arch :P

Some Were Really Cool!

I found that some of these, probably most, were a vintage or antique variety. If you look at the top, there was even an old 'big wheel' one from the stone age. I really liked the 'Mellow Yellow' one and this blue one on the bottom that said 'Free Spirit'. Check 'em out!

Yellow & Blue Make Green

LMAO! Wasn't intentional up there, but kind of cool how that turned out. One bike really brought back a few memories. It was an old banana seat Buckaroo! My uncle had one of those and it was the second bike I had ever rode on around 7 years old. Anyone else remember those?

Check Out Those Shoes!

I know right? We used to throw our shoes up over power lines to kind of signify our 'territory' when I was growing up. Like, eh, yo, this our street man. Not just any shoes though, ones people recognized that we had worn. Anyway, if you look at these ones, they are actually made out of bike parts! I love the laces. I also made it a point to come back by that evening and try for a few pictures of the lights, but they didn't come out as well as I wanted. I show 'em to ya anyway though with some crappy editing.

Have A Great Day!

Love going to that place. Both rounds of my kids have enjoyed it too and when the boys were little, those bikes weren't there. Those were added right about the same time Luna was born. Makes it all the more nostalgic I suppose. But, whatever you may do out there, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when biking down memory lane.

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My brother had a Buckaroo! I'd forgotten all about it until now. Really cool sculpture, I'll bet it takes a lot of people back to happier times. You hardly ever even see kids on bikes where I live now, and one of my kids never even learned to ride one.
Do the parents not get angry at their children for marking their territory with their favorite shoes? I sure would.
Interesting post. Thanks.

I can only imagine the effort and vision behind that piece. Getting them all up there had to have been a challenge. As for the shoes, we always just got more😁

That is freakin' awesome!

Thanks Ren! I thought it was pretty admirable 🤗

Was happy to share this post on PYPT! The arch is so cool and creative and I was glad to learn the meaning of shoes hanging like that! 😁

Thank you Kitty🤗I love those shoes! I imagine they wouldn't be great for walking in though lol

Way cool!

I've gotten a kick out of that sculpture since they added the bikes, but then I love street art, and was involved with making some back in Florida.

My very first bike was a banana seat Schwinn that I bought from a neighbor for $10 back in the day . . . my family had the middle house on a cul-de-sac, overlooking the hills and Coyote Pass (which the developers renamed Monterey Pass) below, and I spent hours on that bike! Such freedom!

Thanks for your Wednesday Walk! I enjoyed it, and all the photos. ;-)

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Most welcome, you ever been by there at night? Looks really cool with the LEDs shining on the reflectors!

Yes, it reminds me a bit of the lit bridge over the river in Nashville, just with bicycles. ;-)

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yes, the bicycle is very cool to find engine, I'm glad to share your walk with us.

found it in #pypt discord

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