Really? You Must Be Having A Bad Day

So I Get This DM

Talking about an extortion attempt with the 10% delegations I have been asking to be donated by members of @thealliance. Extortion? Really? You don't want to delegate, fine, I'm not going to send you a nasty message about it and say you don't fit in. I was also razzed about the 100% vote I 'give myself', which from my own community, considering I don't self vote, seems kind of to make sense to me, but to each their own. SO, unless someone says hey, you totally should be giving yourself a 100% from the community account that you have built and helped keep together for over 2 years, I will take myself off the autovoter. I don't see anyone complaining about other communities and leaders giving themselves 100% votes. Well, at least not to me.

Am I offended? Yes. We have helped and been with 100's, if not over a 1000, people and changed our way of doing things several times. We've seen them grow beautifully. We've had to grow. We've had to adapt. We've had to become stronger. Our consistency hasn't changed, only a few of the ingredients in the recipe. It still isn't perfect, but this is working pretty well for the ones that actually involve themselves and we have had no complaints until now. Which, said person wasn't even delegating to begin with, so I'm not sure why they all of a sudden have such a problem with the way we've been doing this for OVER 7 MONTHS now.

Yes, seven months ago is when we first started doing the ten percent. Yet, I've still had to message people because I know, not everyone is on at the same time and many things get missed. Anybody remember the zombie posts? There were 5 of them. I don't think I need to, but I'm going to apologize anyway for not relaying all that information or maybe it's not my fault at all that a lot of people just don't pay attention. I DM people asking for this and that and most of the time, they don't even read anything, they just click the link and vote. Which I am thankful for, but the message obviously wasn't read. So this is my message to everyone, if you don't like the way I do things, you don't have to be involved or better yet, come talk to me on voice and offer up a better solution.

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A family means Family.... We grow together, we look our for each other, we give to our family as we know it is for a good cause and SOO worth it 🤗 engage, get to know each other and pay attention to your family members. If YOU there for THEM... Then they are there for YOU in any way you need.
We are in this together ❤️ and if you not interested in giving or doing your part, paying attention to your friends and care... Then this is not for you.

This family is full of love and generosity and if you greedy and being an asshat, only caring for just DON'T belong.

And as for @enginewitty the leader we all love and adore ❤️ who does more than most people know... He should give himself 500% number is to high as he deserves it.
So @thealliance is all about family, engaging and growing together.
We open our castle and hearts to people.... But DON'T mess with our family or king... Then you get the entire family after ya 😜 especially this huggaboo that hugs people to obedience 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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That's the part that really gets me. I was asking and was fairly.nice about it. I wasn't making any kind of threat or demand. Hurt my feels.

Hey, you totally should be giving yourself a 100% from the community account that you have built and helped keep together for over 2 years.

How dare you ask people to delegate to an account that's going to upvote them. The fact that it took them 7 months to figure this out says everything.

How dare we ask. Appreciate the visit :)


  • YOU, @Enginewitty, ARE The Alliance. You made it, nurtured it and the people. If not for you and all the time plus energy you put into The Alliance there would be no Alliance. You BEST be giving yourself a freaking VOTE from The Alliance account Enginewitty.

If someone has a problem with that send them my way.

  • Nowhere, in anything I read on Steem, does it say you need to join @thealliance. Period.

  • No one is forcing you to join. You can be in the discord and interact with everyone for "free".

Answer from the NOT awake Snook.
be Thankful I was not awake when I wrote this.

Lol @ the not awake Snook. 😆 We all are #thealliance. It's not just me. It's a whole team of steempeeps working toward a common goal. Love you 🤗

There's always that one person who has to be an asshole! No reason to take yourself off autovote. Everyone knows you are the backbone -- The Godfather! -- of the Alliance! @enginewitty

"Godfather" he he he I like that one ;)

Hey @enginewitty, you should not take yourself off autovoter in my opinion and I don't think you need to apologize for anything. I may be one of those people that you DM about stuff but to be honest my brain just doesn't work so great and I find a lot of things confusing but trust me when I say "it's me" I laugh but I do find a lot of things very confusing and tend to be a loner type. My husband says I may be agoraphobic. Okay! Probably sharing too much again and you know how much I tend to share (sarcasm). Any questions or issues anyone has for me can be sent by DM although sometimes I go a couple of weeks without checking Discord. Here is a hug for you @enginewitty! 🤗 🙂

Thank you sweets and good to see you out and about! I love hugs🤗🤗🤗🤗so some for you too! Everyone has their own pace, and I've said before, this a marathon we running together. If someone needs to stop for water, let them drink. They need new shoes, let's get them some. 😁

You're very welcome! 😊

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I am extended family of the Alliance and they get a very small delegation from me. If someone has a problem with the way you do things Pimp Daddy? Tell them to come and discuss it with Uncle Sarge!

Note: I was sober while making this comment. 🍺

!giphy cosa+nostra

You always crack me up, good to see a clean comment :P

Yes, I took a bath before seeing the post, so both comment and I were clean.

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extortion? No where did I see .. you will delegate your 10% or the door of TheAlliance shall hit you in the ass as I toss your ass to the curb. No where did I see that they will be downvoted if not in compliance with delegating.

Some folks have no clue what extortion is ... maybe they need to get more themilkymark memos to know what extortion is.

LMFAO! I was going to throw something like that in there about that derf too! Great minds.

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