Witness Chat Today in The Ramble

High Noon Suckaz

Central time anyway. Rumor has it, a few devs from Steemit Inc will be there to go over communities with us. I might be there. Probably, mostly. HA! Come join us in The Ramble and get the skinny. Maybe meet a few of those witnesses that are keeping this chain running for you so your ass can actually read this. Support your witnesses people. They care. Well, most of them do anyway.

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Come be a God with me!

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It’s my bedtime 🛏 !giphy rambling @untersatz curate 100

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Got about 5 hours yet so if you can make it, be good to see ya there! Take a little nappy nap :P

That would be about 5am then 😴

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I be there cause I follow sexy witnesses and I know there is one 😂 Hahahaha
I know how much you Witnesses do for us all and we Wouldn't be here without you guys so... I be happy to hear what ya'll have to say.
Try caugh in silence so I don't desturb... Lol

!giphy quiet

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Awww...you still under the weather sweets?

!giphy get+well+soon

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!giphy matzo+balls

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Chicken and matzo ball soup otherwise known as Jewish Penicillin.

I will be there just because I am nosey.

!giphy nose+curious

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Well, that wasn't exactly what I was going for, but cute anyway.

Them @giphy things come out funny some times.

FYI, I didn't butt dial you, it was my face LOL I was trying to listen to inner blocks and unlocked the screen so could mute myself and then my cheeky posture tapped you :P

!giphy sticky+beak

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Hope it’s awesome!

Should hop in and listen for a spell :)

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Sweet man, I shared this guy and the winner one on my show today ;)

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