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The Block Party Update

A when and where has been chosen for The BLOCK Party! We have decided on June 23rd to June 28th. We will make Olcott, NY in these United States our stomping grounds for a week. We are setting up shop on the United States side of Lake Ontario, we could probably skip a rock and hit Canada! Anyone that needs a place to stay, talk to us! A rough itinerary has also been composed by @bluefinstudios and @dreemsteem that looks promising.

Loose Itinerary

TUESDAY 6/23/2020
  • Travel Day - varied arrivals
  • Check in your cottages/hotels/campgrounds
  • Shopping for food (either today or tomorrow morning)
  • Everyone grab takeout food for dinner at Witty's (the Castle) that night - (easy meal, easy cleanup - everyone will be tired from a day of travel)
  • Easy evening of talking and relaxation
  • Breakfast
  • Head to Witty's for 11:00, surprise Steem presentation from Witty
  • Head to Niagara after presentation - take multiple cars
  • Spend the day seeing the Falls/touring as a group
  • Head back for dinner - Each cottage has dinner alone in their own cottage/ or dinner out - so they can get to know their own Team
  • Early night - people can meet at Witty's or hang out at their own house, relating to their plans
  • Breakfast
  • Head over to Witty's by 11:00
  • Presentations from multiple people - can be casual or official presentations
  • Team activities
  • Dinner based on team match-ups
  • After dinner - we can all head over to the Castle for dessert and have free time
FRIDAY June 26
  • Breakfast
  • Head over to Witty's by 11:00
  • Afternoon at local marina/beach/neighborhood walking and socializing
  • BBQ Hosted by @bluefinstudios (weather permitting) + group photos
  • Goodie bag sharing (new idea with explanation below)
  • Breakfast
  • Prepping dishes for the evening event
  • Head over to Witty's for Steem Summit (If enough people show for the summit, it will be held in a larger venue)
  • Steem Summit 3pm
  • Formal Presentations from Steem Guests
  • Dinner - Pot luck, everyone brings something to share - main, side, salad, dessert, drinks (assigned)
SUNDAY June 28
  • Breakfast
  • Bidding Adieu

The 'Witty Committee' was instrumental in finding this place. @bluefinstudios (who took that picture), @dreemsteem, @shadowspub, @snook and @brisby made a beautiful find with this location! There are several really nice, spacious homes and even hotels people can rent for the duration of their 'vacation'.

@enginewitty will be the staying at the appropriately named 'Castle' and will have room for a few people wishing to attend. If all you can stay is one night, we can make arrangements for that too. Simply reach out to him on Discord or if you are not already affiliated, there is a link near the bottom of this post for the Castle in Discord where he spends his days (and often, long nights). He is approachable, don't be scared, we know you want to come! If you need help making arrangements and are sure you are coming, please talk to @enginewitty and he will help you.

Goodie Bag Sharing?

One thing that was proposed during the last informal meeting, was a gift sharing idea. Last year, things did not go as planned when items were ordered from a particular supposed Steem outfit, and so to avoid relying on anything that poses as (but isn't) professional, we decided to make it more personal. @rakkasan84 and @scarletreaper can be thanked for this as they imparted personal treasures to everyone last year.

You can do this any way you choose. Maybe you want to draw a picture for everyone or make some magnets? Maybe you know of some cute little knick-knacks from your part of the planet that you want everyone to have? Maybe you are a great cook and bring some dessert dish that is the bombdiggity and send us all home with the recipe? Be creative, be you, and bring something along so that the rest of us can take just a little extra piece of you home with us.

SPS Proposal!

Maybe you do want to come, but aren't sure you can do it without a little help. Well, at the suggestion of @guiltyparties and via the diligent hand of @dreemsteem, we have compiled a two part reimbursement program with the hopes that this lovely Steem community will approve it and we can get as many people there as possible!

Wait, you said 2 part? Yes, we also aim to hold a Blockchain Summit for people with massive visions to move Steem forward! Anyone that perhaps has been here for several years, strong influencers, seasoned investors, experienced (and budding) developers and programmers. Virtually anyone that has the makings (or already does have) of something that can help to propel our beloved chain into the spotlight of not only cryptocurrency, but as a truly social blockchain. Be it gaming, onboarding, or any project that you or the community feels holds substantial merit. Get your votes in!

Who's Coming?

You'll notice and have probably wondered, why there is no mention of selling tickets or a price for anything at the door. That's because this year, we are simply making the arrangements and seeing how it all pans out. People that want to come can find what they can afford and are comfortable with. Some people might like to sleep alone in a hotel room and some may love the massive community sleep-over like we had last year.

Either way, the main thing is that you get there. Social media and networks are built on the people and faces behind them. This is your chance to meet some of the brilliant minds and boisterous personalities that you see almost every day, out there on the chain. Steem has already pried open many relationships to start blooming and in person? Those relationships become the flowers captured in time by photos and experiences that the butterflies and bees and birds and humans alike, all love to enjoy. Real life. Are you coming?

"Smiles, fears, hopes and tears - we're here."
"We may not all be on the same page,
but we can all read from the same book."

~ @thehive ~
"A rising tide lifts all boats!
If one of us lifts up, we can all lift up!
We simply help each other. Like family."

~ @bluefinstudios ~

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Perfect post!!!! Love the way you highlighted everything and explained it so beautifully!!!

I'd sign up today if I wasn't already signed up hehehehe

Thanks for continuing to pour your heart into this for us!!!

Woohoo! Gonna be awesome getting back up with you and meeting so many others! Steem is in my heart, just check the logo ;)

  • Witty

PHENOMINAL Post... but then I am clearly biased!!!
Thanks for posting this on @pypt #pypt

Great post and now we know! I'll hit you up on Discord - we're in for the entire trip! Can't wait and the itinerary sounds like a blast!