🥚Easter Egg Hunt #3!!🐰 Come Win Some Prizes!

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The Hunt Is On!

We here @thealliance, have decided to do an Easter egg hunt this year. We did one a few years back as a fundraiser for a charity and in the spirit of it all, will do so again. Now it is rumored that @pennsif is wanting to restart @adollaraday so in good form, will be set to a 50% beneficiary on this post and all posts for the following weeks' hunts in the hopes that he really does bring it back.

Starting as soon as this post is live on the blockchain, the third egg will be hidden somewhere out there by an anonymous Steem user. (Thank you by the way!) The second one was found by @ninahaskin using her Marmaduke snout to sniff it out - congratulations! Your prizes have been sent! The rules are pretty simple. The first person to find each egg, wins that week's prize! Simply comment below with the post link of where you found it!

Remember This?

I'm sure quite a few of you that have been here for awhile remember how much fun it was! To make things a little more difficult this time around, we will be choosing a different person each week to hide the eggs. To encourage people not only read and engage with posts, but the comments on a post, that is where you will find them.

If the egg is not found within the first 24 hours, revisit this post and a hint will be placed in the comments section to help you out a little bit. A new hint will appear every 24 hours, for 7 days following the initial hiding of the egg, until the egg is found. At that point, we will start painting another egg and request another Easter Bunny to hide it for us. All of the eggs and prizes will remain live and valid up until Easter Sunday.

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The Prizes!!!

Everybody loves prizes right? I bet some of us out here remember when we did egg hunts as children when there were actual eggs you could crack the shell on, open up and eat! I'm also willing to bet many of you still have fun dying eggs too. Several people have offered up some prizes this year, and anyone can still add anything they wish to the prize pool. So, let's see what is inside this week's egg if you find it:

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Happy Hunting!!

There it is! That is the next egg you all will be looking for this week. We hope you enjoy hunting and have a ton of fun in the process.
Maybe you'll make some new friends along the way digging through people's comments? Who knows? What I do know is that Easter is not that far off. When I was a kid, I had super curly hair. One Easter, when I was 9, while we were hunting eggs, I got up in this tree and disturbed something. That something turned out to be a mess of bats and they swooped at me and one got caught in my hair! My dad had to cut it out and I ended up shaving my head for the first time! However you wear your hair, REMEMBER TO BE YOU!

- Witty

"Smiles, fears, hopes and tears - we're here."
"We may not all be on the same page,
but we can all read from the same book."

~ @thehive ~
"A rising tide lifts all boats!
If one of us lifts up, we can all lift up!
We simply help each other. Like family."

~ @bluefinstudios ~

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I am looking!!!!

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Good luck and have fun searching for the special round #3 Easter egg, Everyone! 🔎🐣🐇🔍

Look at those incredible prizes!🎉💰🎊

Upv & RSD!


I love hard-boiled eggs! Wow, where to find these Easter eggs? I will have to look with my good eye.

Thanks for sharing these hints with us on the PYPT Show!

What should a bear bring if it's out in the woods? ( They do poop there :P )

Cornholio needs it for his bunghole.

The hints are beyond hilarious! @thealliance @enginewitty😂

#steempress has to have some humor :)