THE DIARY GAME | 04.08.2020 | DAY 4: Alive!

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My Tuesday was dull. I had my usual routine of waking up around nine in the morning. I only had almost five hours of sleep. I've been like this since the quarantine started.

I had checked the Trello where our task is posted. However, I don't have a task for the day. Since I had a pending task with no deadline, I decided to continue making it. My task was to come up with introductions for the device datasheet. It's hard to gear up my brain every morning. Words usually start coming out late in the afternoon until dawn. Yet, I have been able to write something in the morning.

This is a comprehensive review book offered at the review center.

During lunch, my classmate in the review center called. He was on his way to my apartment to fetch the book I borrowed. It was one of the major subject review books. I borrowed it a month before the scheduled board exam and was supposed to give it back after two weeks. However, quarantine happened. Since the announcement of the postponement of the exam, I only have opened the book four times.

So I waited for almost two hours. I just gave him the book. I didn't bother inviting him in because of the precautionary measures. I said my thank you and that was it. While giving the book, I was thinking it was too bad not I wasn't able to read and study the whole book. I became a couch potato with no intention of studying, as of the moment. After that, I only spent my whole afternoon on my workspace sitting while facing my laptop.

It was still late in the evening, and I was undone yet. The night was unusually silent. It's odd not to hear barks or dog fights. So I stand up and looked out in the window. There were plenty of strays walking, sleeping, and playing. To my surprise, I saw the dog who was a victim of a hit and run playing with the other dog. My eyes were teary because of happiness.

I dreamt of this dog four times. The incident happened on June 7, 2020, where I called for help for the poor dog who was hit by a car. Pets in our apartment are not allowed so the only thing that I can do was to call for help. It was unfortunate that the animal organization I messaged was far from the City. I didn't sleep at night because of the worry.

IMG_20200805_015204.jpgThe one in color white is the doggo I am talking about.

The following day until the following week, I looked for him and he's nowhere to be found. I had three to four rounds per day. Every time I dreamt of him, I ended up crying because I was helpless. What ifs bombarded, like what if I have a car then I can secure him and go to the vet. Or what if I had a leash then I can tie him and send him to the vet the following day.

I was so devastated. I stopped looking for him because lockdown in our city was imposed. In the last week of July, I dreamt of him, again. Because of that dream, I was sure he was alive. And yes! He is alive. I was so happy I messaged the animal organization that one of the victims of hit and run was alive and fine.

It was a miracle that he's alive. He was one of the reasons why I started feeding strays. I couldn't be happier to see him playing with the other dogs. But, it's still sad to see him so skinny.

I am hoping and praying a blessing will come so I can start again my feeding.

Let us all be a kind hooman to our furry friends.

Feed strays when you can.
If you can't, then at least don't hurt them!

Invited by @fycee Team Philippines

I am participating in The Diary Game initiated by @steemitblog. Thank you and your teams' great initiative and support!

To know me better, you can check my introductory post:
Hello Again, Steemit!

Writing should be fun and healing. Let's have some fun writing our open diary.


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Aawww this touched my heart as I also love dogs. I just raised a stray cat and he's now looking good under our care. Good job! A nice story of kindness and compassion.

Thank you! 😊 You will be blessed even more for helping the voiceless! Strays are fragile. They sure look/sound aggressive but it's their defense mechanism in this world full of humans who hurts them. Not all but some.

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