The Diary Game III - Sunday, October 18, 2020 -Earthquake

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The blue dot is where I live.

Another day I woke up at nearly 9:00 am, I am having a hard time sleeping I usually fall asleep around 3:00 am. Well as it was a Sunday I got up and went out immediately, buying something for breakfast with my respective Coca Cola. Then I headed for the old wharf area and its park, there wasn't too much activity, apparently most of the regulars had a hang over and didn't show up.

Well after a few minutes a friend of mine went by in his car and told me to hop on, he went straight for a casino and as I was with him I went in. Well he gave me about five dollars to play with, they lasted me a long time on a video poker machine but of course eventually I lost. My friend in the mean time was losing over $200.00 and I told him if we shouldn't go, but he told me he wasn't leaving until he was broke so I left him there.

I walked back home and settled in for the afternoon, we had five local league football games so I was able to watch three of these games, lousy games really but at least my team won 3-0 and is the leader. Well that took care of the afternoon and part of the evening, for the rest I am reading an online book so I was doing that when all of a sudden I heard a very strong noise and I felt the floor shaking, an earthquake of course, it really scared the crap out of me. This was around 9:30 pm.

I looked on the internet a few minutes later and all I could find was from Ineter, the Nicaraguan Seismic Agency and they had it pinpointed at 5.2 Richter out in the sea about 70 Kms from where I live (they later reduced it to 5.1). It was actually really strong, I felt it nearly as intense as the 7.2 we had eleven years ago, probably because its epicenter was so close. In the Bay Islands which is even closer a friend told me the buildings taller than two stories were swaying. Fortunately I know of no damage.

Well after that I just had to take double the sleeping pills in order to sleep I was really uptight, but I think I finally fell asleep around 1:00 am, lucky too because there was a 4.3 after shock at 1:30 if I had felt that one I would have had to sleep outside, my nerves just aren't what they used to be.

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