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I woke up at six in the morning at the shout of my housemate accompanied by the sound of the shattered glass. My heart was pounding like crazy. I immediately stood up and said, "What happened?". Then I saw the shattered pieces of one of our glass plates. With that, we need to buy another plate.

I was thunderstruck I was having a hard time controlling my breathing. I was close to getting an asthma attack that I gulped two glasses of cold water and decided to lay down again. I tried to remain calm since I don't want to take my inhaler just because I was surprised immensely. I opened Spotify and listened to the Mythology and Fiction Explained podcast to help me relax. I slept again because of the story and the storyteller's soothing voice.

IMG_20200922_170951.jpg My favorite instant noodles.

It was already past nine that I woke up again. This time, no shouting happened. I turned on my laptop while I prepared some essentials and paraphernalia. Most people start their day with coffee. However, on my part, I start my day with two glasses of cold water. Because of that, I saw a glimpse of my Goya spread. So I grabbed it and ate directly one spoonful of the spread.

After that, I started working. Nothing fancy happened again. Then, noon came that I had to prepare our lunch. I was not in the mood to cook meat nor a vegetable, so I opened a canned good. After a few minutes, the corned beef was cooked already. I ate enough for me to say that "Okay! I'm good!". However, it was past four in the afternoon that I was craving for noodles. I resisted it and drank water instead. I kept on resisting and drank water, but my craving was still present. It was too hard to resist that I decided to cook two instant noodles. Then, I paired it with our newly bought Kimchi. I had my lunch but it seems like I didn't eat at all. I ate fast and realized I was starving. It's not just a simple craving but instead, I was simply hungry.

IMG_20200922_172020.jpg Pancit Canton paired with Kimchi for my afternoon snack

After I had eaten, I went back to work and I finished it at seven in the evening. It was then I started preparing our dinner. Since we had canned goods at lunch and instant noodles at the snack, I cooked cabbage with some meat on it. I was expecting a different taste and was kinda dismayed with the result. However, my two housemates said it was really delicious, and it somehow compensated and made me feel happy. We had some chitchats for half an hour when I was starting to get sleepy. It was past eight and too early for me to sleep. I wanted to do something, but my eyes were about to fall. Hence, I decided to turn off the lights and have a good night sleep.

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Invited by @fycee Team Philippines

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I am participating in The Diary Game initiated by @steemitblog.
Thank you and your teams' great initiative, support, and for your hard work!

To know me better, you can check my introductory post:
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Team Ph

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Writing should be fun and healing.
Let's have some fun writing our open diary.


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Greetings @ernaerningsih

Funny I also have a spread which I eat to lose my appetite taking breakfast. I have a Nutella spread. I avoid taking any noodles because it's 💯% carbs. Hahaha as if I'm on a strict diet. But yeah I only take it as midnight snack. Good post indeed.