A Christmas Special for #themorningbowl

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Good morning and thanks for joining me for a couple minutes of your day.. I know y'all are busy with food family and fun. Good for you. If you've noticed I'm not a fan of Christmas.. and that's online.. if you know me IRL and try to press your beliefs on me this is the result..


Merry Christmas..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Merry Commerce Dave! I was going to say WEED is the best gift to give an almost 50 year old man who lives in Colorado with 47 feet of snow HA HA. Then you pulled out the kite. Yeah people are stupid in this country. Especially during this time of year. I always just ask for money from people who feel obligated to send me something. That way I can buy myself something that I need for the holidays.

LOL I feel the same way, I really don't like having STUFF. I am a minimalist to begin with so accumulating more junk sounds terrible to me.

I already don't use 90% of the crap I already have, why get more?

Also my entire family lives a few thousand miles away, I'm going to be at work ALL day from 10:30 am til 9 PM.

I only bought one single present this year and the girl I gave it to said she didn't want me to get her anything either (probably because she feels obligated to return the favor).

You bought one more present than I did. 😂 Have a great day at work

Happy Christmas Dave! 🎄🎁You can give the kite to a kid who will fly it 😂

Lol, Merry Christmas to you too, Dave! ⛄

Hahaha well said! Now if someone bought you a blunt or a bowl or a lighter or 2, then you might have a merry Christmas!

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I'm not a fan either but it does allow me to quaff much beer!! :0D


Anyone with a screw in would know the only present to give Dave Dickey in this Season of Spending is a bud of PREMO herb!

Wishing you a prosperous and merry 2020, Dude!

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