Freezing Friday..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to another weedcash weekend.. there's cold weather moving in to Colorado so I'll probably be stuck inside the next couple days.. at least I got weed..



Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Situation is pretty serious in the context of shit most likely being spread to 75% of the North American population, the healthcare system not ready to handle it, Americans not being able to afford treatment, and the upcoming loss of 10% of our senior generation.

The rest of us just have to deal with a little flu and the assholes that will hoard toilet paper.

Let’s get high!

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Remember a couple years ago.. H1N1.. aka swine flu.. that killed like 11K people in America.. Coronavirus has killed like 40.. they didn't shut down everything for swine flu.. in fact they didn't shut down anything... coronavirus is a diversion imo

Been getting in the 70’s here. Pack your bags and come visit

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