I almost forgot #themorningbowl

in themorningbowl •  4 months ago 

Good morning y'all.. I'm already at work.. in fact it's gonna be a long day.. I work both jobs today..plus a couple mystery shops tonight.. it's no wonder I almost forgot to record.. I had the joint rolled and without even thinking I lit it and started smoking.. I didn't get to far before I remembered to record..


Enjoy your weekend..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Good luck pulling a double today. How could you forget to record themorningbowl....🤣🤣🤣

You probably got 10K steps right there in your video this morning Dave HA HA. I'm going to try and have a good day today. If I don't I can always go back and look at yesterdays actifit post ;-).

Never forget! Ahha good luck today

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Don’t get all high and wipe out on the segway!

Lots of road miles for me hitting a family Christmas dinner a couple hours away. Luckily for me, they are fans of @davedickeyyall

Now that I have confirmed what mystery shops are, I am wondering what setting leads is.

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I set appointments for home owners to get their roof inspected for hail damage

Gran porro amigo. feliz dia igual!

Feliz Navidad to you too 🤣😂

I'm glad you didn't forget it! Beautiful sunrise while Dave talks the joint to death, lol. Have fun working on the segway. Fort Collins pretty cool. That reminds me, I need to make a trip back to CO soon!