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in themorningbowl •  4 months ago 

Good morning y'all.. today we're smokingon that Island Sweet Skunk that I picked up yesterday.. hopefully it will calm the savage beast in me today.. I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed... I... 2... 3rd times a charm..



Peace out y'all.. Dave



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That one was just right.

So your window in the truck is stuck open? Did I hear that right?

You better bundle up and hit a b flat again.

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Yeah. That's on the list fir after work

Good morning and Congrats on rep 71, @davedickeyyall... you are unstoppable!!!
I no longer Starbucks since I started stacking, hehehe. And I cannot do freezing temps!!!
Have a terrific day, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Lol. I didn't even notice. Thanks tho

I love Island Sweet Skunk! One of my all time faves!!

Well you should have given me a 💯 upvote then.. I did 🤣😂

I did though! with steemexperience also. I'm just a dolphin. I didn't realize you how much SP you had til just now, that's whale status! Nice!

Not even orca status lol

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