SPUDing on up to double Orca..

in hive-195708 •  11 months ago 

Good morning and welcome to 2020.. today is the 1st of January and it's time to get my SPUD ... and my SMOKE on.. I SPUDed so much I reached Orca status.. twice. Now let's get to the SMOKE on..


#spud ..





Peace out y'all.. Dave



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Happy January Fools Day Dave! Congratulations!

Awesome achievement! Hope 2020 brings even more Steem success 🥳

Holy shit double orca! What does it mean?!?!?

Good way to start out the best year and you didn’t even talk that one out.

I will be headed home to spud a little later on and join ya.

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It means Orca on 2 blockchains..

Yah of course.

I was just trying to be funny with the Double Rainbow Guy reference.

Hello Dave and Happy New Year 2020. I wanted to thank you for being a great Steemian, person, and #spud sponsor. Thank you for all you do here. Have a great day and a great 2020!!

Full Steem Ahead!


You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

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