The morning bowl on #themorningbowl

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Good morning and welcome to the show.. what is the show? Idk.. some shit I started doing a couple years ago.. I doubt it will work but fuck it.. no risk, no reward.. kick back.. make some potcorn.. enjoy the show..


Tuesday morning..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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HA HA Bridget was watching that stupid Lucifer show. Have you started watching Vikings yet? If not that is my suggestion.

I liked Lucifer. I'll look at Vikings.. Netflix right?

It is either Netflix or Hulu. If you can't find it look for Supernatural.

My daughter is arguably the biggest Supernatural fan.

She just has the hots for the Winchesters HA HA.

What would be along the lines of Lucifer?

American Gods? I am loving the hell out of Watchmen. Maybe the Mayans if you liked Sons of Anarchy?

Thanks I'll look at those

Maybe The Preacher?

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I am arguably the biggest 'Morning Bowl' fan i think! Great show! Keep getting high, maybe you pick-up vaping weed, or doing hot knifes lol maybe dabs! ...time to grab the #potcorn 😂✌🏼

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