#themorningbowl is Robhot..

in hive-195708 •  11 months ago 

Good morning and welcome to the show.. nothing like Apple Pie for breakfast.. today we're eating Robhots.. too bad they don't work outside.. the snow is still here.. there's gonna be plenty of fake sun today.. it goes along with the real snow.. let's get our high started..


A ROBHOT breakfast..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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had to watch the video to see if you meant strain or.. actual pie lol

Well you're supposed to watch the video.. that's why I keep them short.. they sure do taste like apple pie tho. @broncnutz did a great job with these

the device I am using for steemit currently doesn't have speakers working at moment so that is why I dont watch videos usually while on it, because I cannot hear the sound, sometimes I will on my phone when browsing but I cannot comment on that device, lucky for this one I didn't need any sound to answer the question 👍😊 have a good one

wish i could come across that strain soon!

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