The most beautiful shoes in the world.

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Drawing of those shoes, drawn by me.

    At home we were a very big family, my mother had 12 children and I was the number 11 of them. I remember that in the month of December all my older brothers and sisters who lived for work in Caracas, the capital of the country, arrived. They always arrived with a lot of bags and suitcases and in them there was always something special for the children of the house and everything turned into a party from the moment we stopped until we went to bed.

    There are many memories that come to mind, but there is one in particular that I can never forget; I was about 9 years old when I received a very special gift, they were "The most beautiful shoes in the world". You might wonder what was so special about those shoes? But when you come from a humble family, from the countryside, and so numerous, any gift was very special and worth thanking.


    My sisters worked in family house and always people gave them things that could serve us, that is the case of my shoes, maybe they were not new of package but they were in very good condition.

Before I keep telling you about my beautiful new shoes, I want to tell you that although there were no luxuries in my house, I never felt a lack of food, nor did I feel cold, nor do I remember that I lacked love, my busy mother took care of everything, taking care of workers, cooking, helping us with chores, washing clothes by hand and even telling us a story while she mended the clothes.

    That 31st of December my sister Carmen opened a bag that she had brought and took out a dress and some shoes and she told me that was what was going to premiere me that night; if you had seen my face, I didn't stop seeing my shoes, they were white, with black soles and even though they were worn and didn't have the braids, I looked like "the shoes of a princess". Immediately I began to clean them and make them beautiful. That night everybody was busy, so I grabbed a red shirt from where my mother cut strips to make our tails in our hair and I cut two to put them on my shoes.

    That's how night came and I dressed up, I think that happiness was reflected in my face because I did not stop seeing my shoes, I felt like in the sky and saw me as the most beautiful of the party.

    Everyone was very busy, some drank, others cooked, danced and my mother organized everything and made the hallacas for the family Christmas dinner.

    That night I danced for the first time and my partner was the husband of my sister who told me how to do it, I do not remember what song it was but what I do remember is that it was a magical night that I will never forget.


    Friends, if you seek eternal happiness or complete happiness, I can tell you that it does not exist. Happiness is about those little moments that when you remember them fill your soul with peace and joy. New things do bring happiness, but that day I found it in old shoes that have filled me with joy all my life every time I remember them.

    Many thanks to @wesphilbin for organizing this Best Seasonal Thoughts Contest that has made me feel like a child again. God bless you all this Christmas and don't forget to write your letter to the baby Jesus, I already did mine and it is full of good wishes for everyone, See you soon, friends., bye bye.

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happiness won't be stopped financially, the money is not the reason why people becomes happy. It's the people who'll make other people smile. It's true that money will give us happiness but not everything. Lovely memories and lovely family. Have a nice day..

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I grew up with a family of 11 and I can honestly relate! New was new to YOU and I never felt left out if my things weren't packaged new from a department store. Happiness is INDEED those snippets of life, those moments... that is what makes them special and lovely to look back on. Something in your life that stands out.

A truly heartwarming story.

you're absolutely right, no matter it's not new, if it makes you happy that's what matters, thank you very much for reading, have a merry Christmas

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A sweet story @carolinacardoza, of growing up in a large family with many siblings, and that precious gift you got! The work you did to make them look pretty and the red laces you made for them is such a strong memory for you because they meant so much. Thanks for sharing your story!

Love this story so much!!! What a sweet, wonderful memory from childhood, and definitely a reminder for us to be thankful for what we have! Thank you for sharing this gem! 💖

Very nice story, amzing that. Grow with them

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Fantastic story forever. Keep it up

A lovely story, thank you..

Memories are the sweetest treasures in life @carolinacardoza thank you for sharing yours.

What a beautiful story and what beautiful memories.

Child 11 of 12! Sure sounds like that was fun.

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thanks thanks thanks

This is truly beautiful @carolinacardoza, a christmas gift you'll never forget. Thank you for sharing :) Blessings my friend

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Beautiful memory. Something to think about. Thansk for sharing it with us

thank you very much for stopping by my blog, God bless you and have a nice christmas.

I love this. Happiness can be found in the tiniest of things that create memories you can easily access and feel the happiness again and again. Excellent presentation of that concept. xo

Thank you very much, good that you liked, deep down that is the main message I wanted to leave behind my story

That what I like about #pypt you get to bump into some great post. I felt nostalgia reading this post. I had a special little pair of blue shoes. I just loved them. I felt so princess. lololol

Truth that if, no matter what others tell you, if you feel like a princess the rest does not matter, lol

Amiga es una hermosa historia. En mi tribu somos 8, más dos fuera del guacal, estas son por parte de mi papá y a pesar de haberlas conocido ya de grandes nos queremos mucho.

que bonito antonia, unos dicen que la familia solo para sancochos y año nuevo, pero asi sea en esos momentos nada más, hay que hacer que sean fantasticos esos ratos, jejjej

Is t it a great tag?

This is such a beautiful post. I think we all have one or another favorite memory that makes us feel good inside. Some allow the bad memories to overshadow the good and they become bitter people.
I say, cling to the good and see the bad as lessons to strengthen your own personal good inside.
All of the very best to you and your family during this Christmas season my friend.

This is one of the nicest stories I've read in a very long time. It's great to know that true appreciation of people and the thought behind really being a family has grown in you. Thank you so much for sharing!

lovely story of your childhood. and your shoes looked great. I know how important a pair of shoes are to a youngster.

Nice artwork sketch ! So are you an artist of designer ?

I really enjoyed reading your story of your family, and the special night with your beautiful shoes. What a splendid memory! It sounds like there was a lot of love in your home when you were growing up, and you were surrounded by kindness!

Memories to treasure are happy childhood memories. I'm sure you were the prettiest that night.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

@wesphilbin has come up with the most wonderful inspirational tags on STEEM. This latest #bestseasonalthoughts is great! I hope to see more posts of great memories by our fellow Steemitizens.

Like your most beautiful shoes in the world, it is the little things in life that I remember most. I really must answer Wes's challenge and make a post on this topic!

I am thankful to @thekittygirl for sharing your memories with all of us during the #PYPT Show. Here is !SHADE 5 in appreciation for sharing such a wonderful holiday memory!

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