Thoughtful Daily Post - August 22nd 2019 - Sharing Is Caring!

Happy Thursday my friends!!

So as some of you heard through the grape vine, I had a pretty nasty fall yesterday. How ironic it was while trying to install a handrail on our steps! Oh yes... life will test us... I will live, but let's focus on something positive... all of you beautiful people!!

@wakeupkitty has been such a positive force in my #thoughtfuldailypost movement, and she is right... What do you see?


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@brittandjosie has been a great friend, as well as motivator for me... this post is beautiful, and I am such a big fan of the @innerblocks...


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@chrismadcboy2016 always provides a vibe, that's right in line with my #tdp movement...


@brittandjosie, @chrismadcboy2016, @wakeupkitty thank you all for supporting my #thoughtfuldailypost movement, as well as being wonderful friends... I have given you all a upvote and resteem, as well as adding your posts in my #thoughtfuldailypost channel at the @steemterminal... appreciate every single one of you, not only for the support, but for being the most important thing ever... you!

What are you thoughtful for today?

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Thank you for featuring our post on #dtp and congrats to all.

Most welcome my friend... it's for everyone, and I feel it's important to let everyone know how much I appreciate the support. Don't forget, it's #thoughtfuldailypost, or #tdp

Most welcome @wephilbin for the kind words. And yes I will always support your curations.

Thank you my friend :)
Was just letting you know you need to edit from #dtp to #tdp ;)

LOL! @wesphilbin sorry my bad #tdp instead if #dtp LOL! thank you.

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