Thoughtful Daily Post - September 6th 2019 - Making Bridges

It's Friday!!

Made it through another week, my friends. As I mentioned in the video, I have been working on what I feel are bridges... trying to connect with new Discord Groups and communities, to help our new Steemians that come in at the @steemterminal. When new STeemians are found through the @heyhaveyamet community, we do our best to give them a "best suited" experience. Okay that sounds like we are trying to sell ice to Eskimos... what I am trying to say is... the more communities we have, the more answers to questions we can provide. I have once again used the functionality of the Mosaeek Beta to record my video for you today. Many familiar faces are starting to show up at their Discord... if you haven't checked out Mosaeek yet, you really should!!

Check out my Interactive Video here!

Hope you are having a good day... and better yet... have something planned for the weekend! Thank you all again, for your continued support for my #thoughtfuldailypost movement!

What are you thoughtful for today?

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to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal

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Thanks for helping me! Good man!

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You are more than welcome... I had seen you checking your status several times, with nothing showing... so I decided to change that. I am, by no means, loaded lol... but I had it to share... I was glad to help brother.

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Always good to get a notification from you @steemitboard... thank you!

now if you can get them interested in connecting their project to Steem.. it could be a win won eh

They are currently discussing this very thing... biggest issue currently is funding. But again... you know me, I am all about sharing positive vibes and encouraging other's to do the same!!