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It has been a crazy start to 2020 with life, business, family, fun and physical activity in a constant turf war for the hours in the day on my schedule. Things are settling in nicely which is enabling me to get back to the things I like to do and the positive patterns I like to keep.

One of those is a weekly post to talk about something worth discussing in the name of positivity, constructive progress or happiness. I was originally inspired to share this on the blockchain by the champion @wesphilbin and the tag #thoughtfuldailypost. Daily would lead me to be too preachy but weekly is good to share my perspective as a dad, business owner, and optimist.



I know I am not responsible for the happiness and sanity of others. This could be too tall a task and heavy a load to have to constantly bear. I am committed, however, to try an make my impact to my surroundings a positive one.

I think that keeping a kind heart is along those lines but taking it a bit further.

A kind heart, to me, would be like deciding to be happy and stay that way no matter what challenges, and being ready to share that happiness when the opportunity presents itself. It didn't occur to me that this approach might have have a larger impact in the off chance that someone might be in a little more dire position emotionally or psychologically.

Source: https://society6.com/

I was searching for an image that would encourage us to be nice. I do appreciate the dedication it takes to work hard as well. So, being nice can be harder work for some than others, but it is the dedication to do what it takes that enables us to succeed in anything. Being nice may come easily for those predisposed to be so but even they have moments when it is hard work to be nice.

I think what made me pause and reflect so much on this particular collection of words is the change in perspective. Though I work on myself and strive to make a positive impact in the world, it is a private effort to be nice and assume it will help. Being kind is more of an extension, considering the status and situation of others in that context that changes being nice to being kind.

The difference between being nice and being kind can literally save a life. In less extreme cases, it allows us to engage our perception and sympathy/empathy and make a real, meaningful connection.

The universe doesn't care about your financial battles. It cares whether you are using your limited time here to make a positive impact on everything else. Be kind.




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To a degree, as parents we set the table for our children. If it is in our nature to show compassion, be sympathetic and tender this is what those around us will see.
We all know that in setting a good example we have a better chance of influencing others in a positive way.
It is easy to be nice to the nice, the real test is being nice when the actions of others may warrant just the opposite reaction.
Turning the other cheek is a difficult thing to do, but in so doing we exhibit a very authentic picture of what really being nice is all about.

I think our dad is showing!

Turning the other cheek is hard to do for me as I try to be nice all the time and feel the need to behave in a way that makes consequences for someone’s bad decisions. I am justice! Not really but lessons learned with me are probably the best outcome when you compare it when they cross the wrong mf.

As parents, I heard a funny one. If your kid is turning out to be an asshole, you are most likely an asshole!

Funny how the teachers are saying that my kids are preachy at school ;)

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The branches don't fall too far from the tree, and in your children's case that is a good thing.

Here is another funny one back at you that,I saw on a bumper sticker.
( I told my kid that he opportunity to be whatever he wanted to be, so he decided to be an asshole.)

I think this is true to some degree ... but unfortunately children are exposed to others and not just their parents ... in other situations ... one parent maybe an asshole ... which leads to them being an asshole ... in this day and age ... it’s tougher than any to raise children .

I agree with you totally as far as how tough it is to raise children these days, because there are sure a lot of assholes out there.