The Master and the Disciple (parable )🙇

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The master and the disciple


This was a disciple who wanted to be the best, the most dedicated, outstanding, and enlightened of all his group. He dreamed of winning over his master whom he admired so much, and one day he sat down in front of him and they meditated for a long time.


When the disciple finishes, he asks, "Master, how did you see me?

Then the master looks at him and answers, you look like a Buddha, enlightened, full of light.

The excited disciple could not believe it, so the master asks him the same question.

And how do you see me?

The disciple says to him: like a mountain, but full of excrement, in that the master smiled and they said goodbye bowing.

The disciple arrives home all excited telling his sister what his master had told him and that he had finally won.


After a moment the sister says, you are a fool, your teacher has beaten you again.


Each one sees in the other, what he carries in his heart, what you see in the other is the reflection of yourself.

The disciple saw a mountain of excrement and the master a Buddha full of light.

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That was one of the best parts of Star Wars.

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We appreciate you and spirituality is great

Thank you very much, greetings.