What is it about LIFE..?

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Some people says life is sweet.!
Others think life sucks.!
Many see life as a bitter experience
While some just live life the way it is...

I am not disputing any of this
But then, to them who says life is sweet; thank God for you
And to you who say it sucks; what are your challenges?
How about you with some kind of bitter experience; is it fair enough to see life as a bitter experience?

Here is the Truth.!

Now! In life, we might not always get a fair chances neither the same opportunities, but the question is "what do you do with the chances and opportunities set before you?

Why wallow in fantasies and dreams when you can actually make them come true.
Why sit and wait, expecting for some miracles to happen
Why not grab every opportunity and make the best out of it.

There's more to life than what we see, what we hear, what we feel and what we even touch.
There's more to life than wealth, riches, achievements, statues, titles, positions etc.
There's more to life than your bitter experience, your painful past, your struggles, your limitations
There's more to life than the sweetness it has to offer
There's more to life than just living life.

What then is it about life?

  • Life is simply making an IMPACT


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