3Speak Contest Concluded

in threespeak •  3 months ago 

This contest was not heavily entered because https://3speak.online/ is right now free so people dont understand its not for lifetime.

And also because big account like ocdb/trafalgar/aicdyo tried to hide the contest from others by making it less visible.

Original post here - https://steemit.com/threespeak/@kingscrown/win-free-monthly-premium-on-3speak-online-contest-no-6

So due to this we has just one valid entrance by @technicalside and he wins ;)

He also thought it was a joke as its free.

Funny how in 90% of my contests 100% entries won.
Still some are live but this time not linking them as they end soon.

Guys stuff that is free once, doesnt mean its free forever. Also this platform was not free until Youtube started flagging crypto accounts so it got free so people could move.

Video about it below from @boxmining


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Hahaha @kingscrown yeah I know it won't be free always.. That's why I made it instead... And besides.. I didn't get a bad upvote in the post anyways📯📯

I was hoping on winning some boosterpacks🤣but I saw the other posts were so much better than mine😂😂🥇🥇🥇🥇

Congrats to the winner!