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Hey Guys !

I'm back here with another video for you all and this one is really an interesting one as today is my turn of using the 3Speak's staked votes :)

Firstly I would like to thank @threespeak for giving me this amazing opportunity to reward people for their efforts for adding value to STEEM and helpin me grow my audience with engagements :)

SO now what you need to do to get the votes from me ...

Well I do have $42 to giveaway on comments and the max I can give at each comment is exactly $4 .

In order to make your effort count you just need to answer 2 questions as a comment below this video only :)

Here are the questions -

  • Q1 - What Are Your Feelings Regarding 3Speak ?

  • Q2 - Give Some Suggestions For 3Speak


Please take your time towards writing your thought, don't hurry :)
I will be going all the way up to the $4 votes :)

I am really very curious to hear from your side :)

In addition to that, I'm gonna give atleast $1 to every relevant comment !

Thanks For Stopping by :)

I'll be back very soon :)


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That's great. I will distribute tomorrow $43 as well. I'm glad you did your best to get to the top and learned a lot from steem community and you're really doing well now.

About the two questions you asked in the video, I would say :

  • 3speak will have a big future and we will see more and powerful people join it in the future. It's supporting big video community in the world that's looking for a place to never be censored and they will all come join us here.

  • About the things I would like to see now is playlists, autoplay and I would like to analyse the traffic to know from what websites people are finding my videos, so I will promote them there more.

Everything else is just perfect and I think we will see more cool features in the future. ☺

That sounds great man ! Thanks a lot for the kind words :)

I absolutely love your thought about 3Speak !!

ANd yeah, definitely features like playlists are required and most probably gonna roll out soon too upon 3Speak ;)

Thanks a lot for your efforts towards writing your valuable comment and enrich #steem a bit more !

I really love this amazing feature of using the stake of 3speak to vote commenters.

I still am very new to STEEM blockchain and am trying to learn new thing and interestingly today only I hopped on 3speak and made by first video as well :)

Well I have very little to say about the questions but here they are :)

A1 - I really love the idea of 3speak as it gives out freespeech and a place to say anything without fearing getting banned as well as the features it has to offer is at a whole new level of social media, right from the stake voting, creator leaderboard, freespeech and more.

A2 - I'm relatively new to 3Speak but one thing that I find missing is the very useful NIGHT MODE, I would love to see it as it looks great and quite easy on eyes plus good for those who are on the website for a long period of time :)

SO that's what I think :)

Thanks You

I got to know about this feature that creators can use 3speak vote stake through this video. This is so good to have engagement level high on the platform.

Answering your questions that you asked-

1- I like 3 speak beacuse this is platform having awesome content creators and no spam posts are shared here and since it offers free speech which will enable lots of great content creators to come here. It's just a matter of time and soon I am hoping to see people from worldwide being part of 3 speak because of no censorship.

2- I have seen people already shared few few features to add which is nice. I always have difficulty to vote post because that button is so tiny. I want team to increase upvote button size so that I can vote with ease. Hope you would have also noticed it.

Except this I like everything about it and flowting window is my favourite feature which i never seen elsewhere.

Thank you so much Sayu. Have a great day.

Hello! I loved your expression in the video, and I also congratulate you for being in this social network, I personally love it a lot and I am excited to upload my content in this community, I am very happy for it. Well, personally, I would like 3speak to help the people who created the communities to be able to change their labels, to edit that, because if there was an error on the part of one when creating the community, it would be good to be able to correct that with Just edit it. An example is that the community in Spanish has a detail with the label, because in English there is no ñ, and then it is not seen on the label when the group was created. I congratulate you on your videos. Let the successes follow. Excellent questions.

hola! me encantó tu expresión en el video, y te felicito también por estar en esta red social, a mi en lo personal me encanta mucho y me emociona poder subir mi contenido en esta comunidad, estoy muy contenta por ello. Bueno en lo personal me gustaría que 3speak pueda ayudar a que las personas que crearon las comunidades poder cambiar las etiquetas de las mismas, que puedan editar eso, porque de haber un error por parte de uno cuando crea la comunidad sería bueno poder corregir eso con tan solo editarlo. Un ejemplo es que la comunidad en español tiene un detalle con la etiqueta, porque en ingles no existe la ñ, y entonces no se ve en la etiqueta cuando se creo el grupo. Te felicito por tus videos. Que sigan los éxitos. Excelentes preguntas.

Hey buddy
Glad to see this initiative by you utilising this opportunity to help 3 speak and sharing benefits with community.

About the questions you asked-

  • 3 speak is next-generation blockchain based video sharing platform and it has huge potential because 3speak and Oracle-d team is working to bring some big people on the platform alongside innovative features. There are lots of people facing censorship issues with other platforms and having them here at 3 speak will make it a wonderful place.

  • Since 3speak is a platform where we can watch videos and add comment but I didn't get option to add images on comments and there is NO resteem option as well. I want this place to have all functionality at one place and don't want visit another dApp.

Other than this, rest of things are good.
Thank you.

@steemer-sayu907, First of all congratulations for your successful and consistent journey and for staying as one of the top creator in the 3Speak List.

  • As we use 3Speak on Daily basis i will keep it short. One thing is for sure and that is, 3Speak is playing two way roles and by that i mean, they are Curating content and at other side giving opportunity to top 30 individual creators to use 3Speak Vote to boost and encourage their followers and commenters. So definitely it's a boost when we see these points through Individual Point Of View and Community Point Of View.

  • Till now i faced one single issue few times and that is, delay in encoding other than that everything is effective till now.

Keep up the awesome work and stay blessed brother.

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Thanks for your contribution towards adding value to #steem :)

Welcome and thank you brother. 🙂

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

Hello my friend, I love 3Speak. I think this platform is going to change the way content creators and fans interact between them. I believe more and more people are going to join us as soon as they know about all the benefits we have here. My only suggestion for 3Speak is that continue to innovate and keep the great work they are doing.

I will be talking about this amazing platform with everyone from now on.

I just donated you 1 SPEAK :D

Thanks for doing this! I enjoy the engagement.

  1. I feel like 3speak has huge potential, and I’m excited to see the project grow and develop. I like what @intrepidsurfer is doing to attract YouTube creators to come over here.

  2. I think 3speak should work on tools to make it easy for YouTube content creators to cross-upload content to 3speak. I’m not sure what is possible but I think improving ease of use will make a difference for YouTubers thinking about trying 3speak platform. There was an app called share2steem which helped Instagram users cross-post to STEEM. Something like that could make a difference for 3speak adoption as well.