Who Are The Most REPUTED People Upon STEEM Blockchain ? | Tune In To Find OUT |

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Hey Guys,

I'm back here with another video for you guys and this is gonna be an interesting one as I've compiled a good topic which helps give someone a rough idea regarding some user on steem !

Well it's known as REPUTATION !

In this video I've shared the top 10 accounts in order of their REPUTATION upon STEEM Blockchain.. SO Sit back and ENJOY :)

Here's The TOP 10 list tho -











Do drop below your thoughts about REPUTATION in the comments below :)

I'll be back with another video soon :)


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reputation is a very important part of steem and everyone wants to have a bigger number next to their account. I know a few accounts on your list. When I joined steem last year chbartist had 71 reputation and heijin has 81 now they literally top 2 in terms if highest reputed users and as you said heijin has been a part of the controversies. All these 10 names are bigger accounts in steem and an inspiration for many but I see that chbartist has been powering down for the last few months and not active. It took 1.5 year for me to reach from 25 to 69 and i know howmuch effort it take to earn this number . Thanks for the nice vlog buddy.

Yeah, reputation is really having a hefty role to play as it acts as an unspeaking element though having a lot of influence over a creators' social image.

Yeah, many people have been powering down and becoming inactive too but it displays the loyalty of theirs to the platform. It's a personal choice :)

I too agree that this number takes in a lot of effort to grow up the ranks.

Thanks for stopping by bud :)

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Wow well this is thrilling. Acidyo might soon join the lists, Reputation is really important I won't lie but I myself I've not been able to know what it's like to be 82 or 83, thanks for compiling this together though